Thursday, July 2, 2009

Declare Your Own Independence

Do you want to win independence from something that limits your happiness and creativity? Maybe fear? Poverty? Loneliness? Resentment?

We all create prisons of one sort or another with our own belief systems. We don’t mean to do it. But it happens every time we adopt a belief that seems true but is not.

A Personal Declaration of Independence can be a powerful step on the path to freedom.

On a warm July night in the woods an angel ( a real one) helped me to declare my independence from a life-long fear of judgment.

The liberty I gained that night still grows as does my gratitude.

More people responded to the story of what happened that Independence Day than anything I ever sent out. You can read about it (free) on my website:

Sharing a declaration empowers it. It makes it real. When other people join with you in your intention and cheer you on it works with the Law of Attraction to create miracles. If you would like to share your Personal Declaration of Independence here, I would love to read it and cheer you on. I know it will inspire and encourage others as well.

Happy Independence!