Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One Step Miracles

Just one step in a new direction can lead to a miracle.

I always wondered what happened to him. We met when I was 20, lived together off on on, married other people -- he more of them than I. Last I heard he sailed an old wooden boat from NYC to Portugal.

A few weeks ago, an intense curiosity grabbed me for a good shake. I found an address in Florida, one of the least likely places I could imagine this guy. Still, all the info matched, first last, middle initial, birth year. I sent a note of well wishes and forgot about it. I had done what I could and felt complete.

Ten days later he went to visit his brother in Florida (for the first time in 22 years) who told him, "You've got mail."

He's arriving next week for a visit. We were in our 30's when we last saw each other. I'm 73 now.

Memories float up from long ago days. I was just plain bat s**** crazy then -- not in a happy way either. So many times I felt caught in a web I did not know was of my own making. I could no more see a way out than I could find my way around Mars.

One of the precious lessons that changed the trajectory of my life is this "All you have to do is turn, maybe ever so slightly, and take a step in a new direction." Then follow your intense curiosity and desire. Correct your course as new information becomes available. You will find your way if there is one. So far, there always is.

My friend, Joe Vitale, coined the phrase, take inspired action. Every once in a while, you get a hit, a shiver of something, a glimpse of possibility. When that happens, take inspired action!

I share this happy connection miracle because it demolishes limiting beliefs about what can happen. What miracle would you like to show up in your life?

Cheering you on to accepting miracles.


For more about "Accepting Miracles" watch the video of the talk that inspired a standing ovation. It's available on my website in the Breakout Keys section..