Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Free Breakout Keys. Prices Drop to 0!

Free is good! No? Being of relatively sound mind, in a burst of gratitude for the blessings in my life, I dropped the prices on the breakout material available on my website to 0. Yes, that's zero, zilch, zip, nada. Free, gratis, no charge. Well you get the point.

These are my gifts to you with my compliments and good wishes for great success and much happiness at 

Break out to Miracles! Video

Miracles abound; you just have to accept them.  To learn how, listen to the inspiring talk that brought the house down, recorded live at the Miracles Weekend in San Diego with Joe Vitale. About 60 minutes.

Beliefs About Love – Audio;

This funny, insightful audio teaches how to break out from beliefs that block love. Do your beliefs about love sabotage cupid? The good news is there is enough love for everyone! About 25 minutes.

Choosing Happiness – Audio  with Mandy Evans Live at Interface. 

This recording includes an overview of the Option Method and rare Option Dialogues with real people working on real issues. Learn how to identify, explore and unravel limiting beliefs.

Peace with the Past – Audio

Recorded Live at the Betty Ford Center in California
In this revealing hour long talk, Mandy Evans tells the story of her childhood as the daughter of a violent alcoholic father and how she made peace with her own past. During challenging times we form beliefs that we continue to live by without knowing it. Learn how break out from beliefs you adopted in your past that block success and happiness now. About 60 minutes

Cheering you on to happiness and success!