Friday, June 20, 2008

1 Second BREAKOUT!

Keep an ear out for beliefs, like a piano tuner listens for the clunker key.

Not any old beliefs. Beliefs that hold people back. Beliefs that cause fear or guilt.

At Pat Obryan’s product marketing seminar in San Antonio, during my visit to Texas, Joe Vitale, made a cameo appearance. I thought I was just tagging along, but it turned out I was making one too.

Pat turned to me, camera rolling.

He said “Tell us about Mandy Evans and why Joe loves you so much.”

Oh my goodness! There I am, up against the wall!

I told them a little about my work.

Tara Reed, who had come to market one idea told me she found an even better one there.

Then she added, with some extra emphasis, “Of course I would never compete with my coach.”

My inner belief bell rang, loudly. My coaching students soar to heights far beyond my modest accomplishments all the time. The coaches often charge more money; the writers sell more books. I love it. "Why not?" I asked. It took about a second.

Tara talked about loyalty and ethics but I could feel her limiting belief that she had to be less than her advisor losing its hold on her. The question gained traction.

Tara e-mailed that after talking with her mentor, she's is moving ahead with her project – full steam ahead instead of with one foot on the break.

She said “Thank you so much -- I love having a group of wonderful people like you cheering me on! I'm cheering you on as well -- I just joined your list to keep me on the straight and narrow and out of the 'muck & mire' of self-doubt!”

If you have come to a conclusion, like it’s bad to do better than your teacher, friend, mother or father, sometimes it just takes a 1 second question to break out from a belief prison that kept you in custody for years. If you listen, you can hear them all around.

After our 1 second breakout, we all went to lunch along the beautiful River Walk. Joe took a photo of me. I really like this one I took of him.

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