Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Found In Translation

Look what I found (as opposed to the usual lost) in translation! Someone sent me an email that had been translated by one of the automatic translators like the one available from Google. It translated the term "limiting beliefs" as "restrictive faiths." I love it. That's exactly what a limiting belief is, misguided faith in something that isn't true that restricts us.

Limiting beliefs, or restrictive faiths, hamper our creativity and block success and happiness. A belief that limits you cannot be true. As the saying goes, the truth shall set you free.

As we go through life we come to conclusions based on the seeming evidence at hand. These conclusions get added to the data base that forms our individual belief systems, our private versions of reality.

We make all of our choices based on these conclusions. We act and react based on them. We move toward some experiences and away from others according to faith in our versions of reality. Each step, each choice, creates the road we travel.

Some of our beliefs are life-enhancing. Many of them, however, block happiness, creativity and success. I cannot imagine anything that has a greater influence on our lives. Yet most of us never question these beliefs. Even if we want to, where can we learn how?

I wrote "Emotional Options: A Handbook for Happiness" to show you how to uncover, explore and discard beliefs that restrict you. I've kept it in print, available, and affordable for many years. If you would like to break out from "Restrictive faiths" you hold that block your happiness and success, I hope you will read it and share it.

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