Monday, December 28, 2009

What Do You Want in 2010

What would you like to move toward or attract to you in 2010? Take these steps to attract miracles as we enter a new decade.

Become conscious. Set aside some time alone or with friends to focus on what you want to welcome into you life this year.

Make it real. You help potential miracles move from vague notions to physical manifestation on planet earth by making them real. Make a Welcome List. The vibration of a thought form changes if you write it down. It begins the journey to show up in your life. You can make it more physical and strengthen it along the way if you tell someone else. And someone else. When lots of people hold the same dream with you and for you, it changes again. Now the idea exists in other people’s minds. They may talk about it. It begins to live in the sound vibration of the spoken word.

Remove limiting beliefs that block success. If you feel bad when you think about what you want I’ll bet you believe something that is not true -- something that limits your ability to feel actual joyful desire, or share freely what you want. If you focus on what you want and you feel worried, resentful, angry, guilty, afraid or sad, get to work using free articles at, or by working with the exercises in “Emotional Options” or “Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past.”

Focus, focus again, focus some more. It’s not mysterious. What you focus on grows. If you keep your eyes on the prize you will discover opportunities, connections, open doors and the prize itself. If you keep your focus on who done you wrong or who got more, you’ll see a whole lot more of that.

Acknowledge and appreciate any and all movement in the desired direction. So often we dismiss the first mini-manifestations that show up as insufficient and “not worth the trouble.” We give up or lose hope.
Learn what you need to know to make it work out.

Be happy now. The pot of gold at the end of all our seeking is happiness in any of it’s wondrous forms. It may be delight, peace, feeling loved or loving, excitement, being at one with the world or bliss. It is the reward you can have at the beginning of your journey as well as at the triumphant end. You can give it to yourself right now.

Close your eyes and ask yourself: If you could feel any way you want to right now, what would it be. See what happens.

When you know what to do, take action! For years I thought how much I would like it if Amazon would stamp packages that are gifts with “Gift” or something so we can tell them from stuff we order ourselves. Today I sent Jeff Bezos a quick email. I mentioned my son, Barnaby who was a Vice President at Amazon. About an hour later he answered: "Thx for the suggestion, and I will pass it on to the team. (I'm a big Barnaby fan!)." Fast, huh?

Maybe you’ll get a gift with an Amazon stamp one day – think of me :-)!

Wishing you a bright new decade filled with love and happiness.


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Breaking Rules to Share My Books

Writing this defies a lot of what I was raised to believe – about manners, about myself, about what a girl can say. But I want you to have the information, so here goes.

I was at a restaurant with my son, Barnaby; his girl friend, Sheri and two old dear friends who had also been my students.

Sheri asked one of my friends, “How do you know, Mandy?” My friend is happily married, has a successful career training coaches and beautifully dressed looked quizzical. We waited as she thought for a long moment. Then she said “She saved me.”

My eyes filled with tears. My son and Sheri looked stunned.

A few minutes later Sheri turned to my other friend, “And how do you know Mandy?” Another long pause followed as she searched for the answer. Then my friend, a single mother who had just finished law school, replied, “She saved me too.”

“We saved each other.” I replied.

To help as many people as possible, I put the very best of what I have learned about how to break out from beliefs that block happiness and success, emotional healing and recovery from the past into two books. They are filled with workshop-tested exercises from courses I have taught for over 30 years. Each one is designed as a workshop-in-a-book to help you break out to greater happiness and creativity. Learn how to free yourself from the beliefs that cause emotional pain and limit you. The price is affordable in almost any set of financial circumstances. You can order them at

"Emotional Options: A Handbook for Happiness" focuses on how to free yourself from hidden beliefs that block happiness and success. It tells you how to find, explore, and discard limiting beliefs that hold you back so you can be happier now and move toward what you really want—or attract it to you.

"Travelling Free: How to Recover From the Past by Changing Your Beliefs" deals with how to free yourself from beliefs you formed during painful and stressful times in your life. We often continue to live by these limiting beliefs without knowing it. They lead us down very different paths from the ones we take when we are clearer and happier. Learn how to make better choices and tap into your natural desire and creativity.

I am happily proud of my books, the rave reviews on Amazon and endorsements from giants in the field of human potential such as Deepak Chopra, John Gray, Joe Vitale, and Bernie Siegel.

I hope you will consider “Emotional Options” and “Travelling Free” as gifts to yourself and people you love. The information in them not only “saved” a few of us, it has led thousands of readers to greater success, prosperity and happiness. I should know; I’m one of them!

Wishing you great joy, peace and prosperity for the holidays and always.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Secrets of the Supercoaches

I am honored to be part of this project and thrilled to
share this invitation from Michael Neil to learn from
some of the world's finest coaches with you.

Have ever dreamed of being a coach?
Are curious about how coaching works?
Do you wonder how different coaches work?

It's free! Go see.

To your happiness, success and miracles!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Many Blessings to Celebrate

I am grateful to everyone who strives for peace,
prosperity, health and happiness for all.

Wishing you a happy day of Thanksgiving, love,
wonderful feasts and many blessings to celebrate.


Please share your blessings and your gratitude with us. What you share grows!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Miracles of Happiness

Of all the miracles I treasure happiness above all others.

When we gather to inspire and support each other, with open hearts and open minds, miracles abound.

One of countless highlights at the Breakout to Miracles Weekend in Palm Springs was a rousing rendition of that old favorite "Owa Tagu Siam" by the no fear-of-foolish Breakout Chorus. See us as we prepare to deliver.

Wishing you great happiness, fearless foolishness, and miracles!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

May the Garden Angel Bless Us All

I was pruning plants on the patio when I noticed the garden angel. She was here when I moved in. She looked so lovely today, I wanted to share her with you, and many blessings.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look Out! You're Surrounded by Infinite Opportunities

We are surrounded by infinite opportunities, limited only by our imagination and our belief systems.

Sometimes it sure doesn’t seem like that, does it? I think the oldest, most helpless and trapped I ever felt was when I was 28, alone with a small child, looking at want ads in the New York Times. I felt like throwing up. I couldn’t see anything I was qualified to do that would pay enough for child care and to live on.

It was a slow climb out of that despair. It could have been a lot faster but I did not know how.

In my courses and coaching sessions I listen to people who feel trapped in a suffocating narrow private reality. Sometimes they have marched along in a rut so long they have worn it into a canyon with walls too high to see over.

I remember how it feels. That’s important. More important is that I know beyond our private limited versions of reality, infinite opportunities wait to be discovered.

This is one of my favorite examples:

What do you think your chances for going to college are if you are a young black kid in the sixties; you live in a public housing project and your dad is in prison?

OK, by some miracle of wonder, you do that. What if you want to play pro basketball too? Yes, it’s happened. But what if you are 5 feet 3 inches tall and weigh 136 lbs?

Muggsy Bogues did! His career spanned 13 years with 5 different teams. He won a place in the NBA Top 20 for career assists. In a remarkable view of reality, a unique perspective all his own, he noticed – the basketball spends a lot more time on the ground than it does in the air.

I love to see people break out of poverty, or a rut, pain, or hopelessness. I love to see people who have achieved that blast out new adventures they never dreamed possible.

I’ve helped welfare mothers, an Olympic coach, drug addicts, a Hollywood director, illiterate adults and best-selling authors to break out from the beliefs they hold that block happiness and success.

I’ve spoken in prisons and churches and lots of places in between. I never forgot what it is like to look at my future and face a wall that I had no idea I created myself.

In February I’ll return to my beloved NYC to train coaches as part of a team of heavy hitters for Michael Neil’s SuperCoach Academy. Who would have thought?

In just over a week, I’ll teach the 8th BREAKOUT Weekend.

I hope Muggsy Bogues’ story and mine help you expand your view of what is possible for you. Opportunities for love, success, happiness and prosperity are infinite; look out, you’re surrounded!


Breakout in Palm Springs?
Recover from experiences in your past that limit you now?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For Active and Aspiring Coaches

Are you an active coach who would like to expand your skills and your practice? Have you thought about becoming a coach yourself and wondered where to get the training you need to help people flourish and succeed?

Supercoach Michael Neill has created a Supercoach Academy. He put together a comprehensive certificate training with masters of the coaching methods he values most. These are the tools Michael uses to help his clients astound themselves with their own success stories.

I’m excited to be part the training. I will teach participants how I help people to break out from the beliefs they hold that block happiness, success and miracles.

Only 60 people will be able to train with Michael and this faculty. Registration is open and the course is filling up with people from around the globe. There is a special discount that ends this week, so if you think this may be just what you’re looking for, check it out now at

In the years I’ve known Michael I watched his own list of achievements grow at warp speed. I can’t wait to join him in action, sharing his magic with 60 motivated coaching students.

To your happiness and success!

There are some spaces open in the October BREAKOUT to Miracles Weekend in Palm Springs. I’d love to see you here.

Busted! Trouble Walking the Walk

Busted! Trouble walking the – well trouble walking at all. I’ve been thinking and writing about how what you focus on grows. Oh dear, look what happened.

A friend of mine recently fell several times and severely injured herself. I wondered with intense curiosity (oh, no!) what would happen if I fell down.

When I tried to recall the last time I fell I came up with only two downer incidents in my adult life. When I was about seven months pregnant with baby Barnaby in 1967, I caught my heel as I stepped down from the Broadway bus in NYC and plunged baby-bump forward onto the sidewalk. I can still hear the gasps from horrified onlookers. Other than skinned knees and minor mortification, Barnaby and I escaped without damage.

About twenty years ago I fell flat on my face on the beach in Carlsbad, CA on Christmas morning while taking a walk with a friend. No problems. Lots of laughs.

By now my tripping/falling thoughts are vivid and strong, my curiosity piqued.

It’s two weeks ago. I’m walking to my car at a shopping mall. I catch my toe on a slightly raised square of concrete. I stumble forward – one, two, three steps. I almost pull out of it. Maybe if I go faster. But if I fall, I’ll smash to the ground harder. I feel the tipping point. Gravity wins and I surrender. I slow down, put my forearm up to protect my face, turn my knee to the side. I land on my right thigh. Scrapes and a big bruise but I think I’m fine.

Now it’s two weeks later. My right hip hurts like a son of a gun. I’m trying to focus on the outcome I want. I catch myself over and over planning for a frozen hip. I’ve had frozen bursitis/tendonitis joints before so I know just what to imagine – vividly!

I drag my thoughts back to what I want. A healthy, pain free hip joint that moves really well. Now I bust myself thinking like a dang mantra, is it better? Is it worse? Better? Worse? Better? Worse? Whew!

I’m sending this message out because I got a lot of response to my last message, “Beware of Your Hidden Plans.” Some people said that the whole law of attracting stuff you don’t want idea suddenly made sense. Others asked how to focus on what you want. The real answer is “Just do it!”

The long, also real answer, is I know it’s hard. We have such vivid memories of past disasters, loaded with emotions, all set and ready to go. We have to make up our images about the future.

Any marketer worth his salt will tell you desire and fear are the strongest motivators. What do you market to yourself? When you focus on what you want, you get ideas, information, see opportunities for that. When you focus on what you dread you get ideas, information and see opportunities for that.

This has been an excellent test case for me. Here are some of my gains. I am highly aware of my thoughts. I direct and re-direct them to plans for healing. I’ve taken the best actions I know for healing. I’m ready to get medical attention if it gets any worse. I know who to turn to for help if I need it. The whole experience has been interesting and pretty much worry free.

The good news is for the first time in a week, I feel better today than yesterday. In fact right now I feel A-OK.

Here’s to conscious, happy motivation!


BREAKOUT to Miracles of Consciousness with me in Palm Springs:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beware of Your Hidden Plans

Beware of your hidden plans.

Most of you know the basic The Law of Attraction theory that says, “What you focus on grows.”

That’s why it is important to know what you are really planning for. The inspiration for this message came from a dear friend and former student. He has faced tough challenges in the recession as he watched the market for his small business dry up like the legendary dust bowl of the 1930’s.

He did not lack courage or resourcefulness. He relocated to a more promising area. So did the downturn. He got a job. He got laid off.

He told me, “If they don’t extend un-employment benefits, I’m afraid I’ll be on the streets.”

See the painful plan? My friend is planning to remain unemployed and without income several months from now. He is afraid of what will happen when he follows his plan.

Another student told me about an exciting performance coming up. “After that, there’s nothing but the boring holidays to get through.” she said.

Another lives in fear “my credit card will max out and then what will I do?”

These people are smart, talented, and creative. Each one has read the top-selling books about consciousness, prosperity and spirituality.

The problem is that they are executing hidden plans. Plans that even they do not know the have placed in operation.

Our unemployment guy did not notice that he made up a future that contains no new opportunities, insights, breaks or sources of income.

Our performer did not notice that she created a future with months of boredom out of memories and thin air.

The credit card guy did not notice the he was planning for a future devoid of new opportunities.

I catch myself living by those dread-full secret plans sometimes too. I suspect we all have them.

The problem is that as we follow our secret (from ourselves) unconscious plans we prepare for disaster by kicking in the fight or flight response. But our plans do not include a predator to fight or an escape route to run through. We are left with only the adrenalin splashing into our system, the subsequent depletion of energy and ongoing fear, anxiety and dread.

There is a way out! The truth will set you free! Noticing (becoming aware and conscious) that you are making up a scenario you do not want to live out and that you plan to follow it is an excellent first step.

The next step is to make up an outcome you would like. Focus on that. You may not have all the details in place. I actually prefer a wide focus to an overly narrow one that leaves so many infinite opportunities out of range.

For example you can focus on desire for inspiration, support, new information, new opportunities, unexpected income, fortuitous connections, restorative sleep – whatever your heart desires.

If you could expend as much emotion and energy on what you do want for one week, I’ll bet you would see some miracles.

This experiment does not require you to believe it will work. Try it and see. I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Wishing you happy plans and prosperous outcomes.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Beyond His Wildest Dreams Kevin Skinner Breaks Out

You just never know. Last night Kevin Skinner won on “America’s Got Talent” and heads to Las Vegas. Here is his first appearance on the show.

What would be a breakout beyond your wildest dreams?

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Monday, September 14, 2009

Beyond Fear of Changing

My coaching clients often tell me they experience profound fear before our first session together. I always explore that fear with them before we move on to other issues they want to work on.

The answers that come up most often are about what will happen if the very changes they want to bring about really happen. Common fear-making beliefs are about deserving, courting disaster, being punished, succeeding, failing, drawing undue attention, being vulnerable to attack, becoming someone they do not like, becoming greedy, arrogant, selfish, uncaring, full of themselves, envied, judged, alone and unloved. Wow!

Me too. When my first book, “Emotional Options” came out, I had lots of those fears! Only a few came about, just as they might have had I done nothing.

I recall a frightening moment when I felt as if I were setting sail in unchartered waters. So many of my beliefs about my lot in life, what I could have and how I must feel had changed, I felt adrift, not knowing where I would land, who I would be. It was about 38 years ago. I did an Option Method dialogue with my dear friend Marvin Beck. I told him I was afraid of crossing a line into an unknown reality.

He asked me, well, “Mand” what scares you about that?
I might not be able to get back, I answered.
What scares you about that? He asked.

My mind went all fuzzy. I felt disoriented – just as my students often do now. This has happened many times. When I was born for example. When I was 14 and lived in Australia. When my son was born. When I went to GROW to become a group leader, discovered the Option Method, took the est training, became hospice volunteer, moved to California. I’ve never been able to get back into the unenlightened state I had been in before those transforming experiences. So far it’s been fine each time.

My list was shorter back then, but I came out of my foggy state and happily told Marvin I figured it would be ok.

Recently people have talked about that kind of fear when they registered for my Breakout to Miracles Weekend. In life the course begins when you sign up for it. Maybe even when you just think about setting out in a new direction, opening doors you may not have known you closed.

I once asked a student, What are you afraid would happen if you were happy? After a long, long, long pause she whispered, You mean, give up pitiful? Then she burst into uncontrollable, gasping, side splitting laughter.

Think about something you would like to bring into your life? Is it scary? Don’t stop there!

Ask yourself what’s scary about it? Do you believe your answer? What are you concerned would happen if you were not scared?

We are going to change. Each and every one of us will grow, learn, gain, love and lose, age, most likely die. The big choice is whether we choose our changes, willingly engage them or simply brace ourselves to endure them.

Wishing you enlightening changes and great happiness.


Find out more about The October 23-25 BREAKOUT to Miracles Weekend in Palm Springs

Learn to use the Option Method in “Emotional Options” by Mandy Evans

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Prize in the Life Contest

And the first place prize is, a week in Rosendale! The second prize? Two weeks in Rosendale! That’s where I first heard that joke about the prizes.

I love Rosendale, New York, though. Joppenberg Mountain rises up at one end. Rondout Creek runs through on it’s way to the Hudson River. An old cement mining town, at one time a canal town, later a hippie town; it’s the only place I ever knew with a sense of humor about itself. Someone once said Rosedale had the highest percentage of well read, well traveled poor people in the country. It may even be true.

I learned a lot about the contest of life in Rosendale, sometimes the hard way. In the contest of life, the first prize is happiness – in all of its wondrous forms from peace to bliss, contentment to ecstasy, curiosity to triumph.

The second prize is stuff. Second prizes can be fabulous: cars, jobs, awards, relationships, money, houses, fame – you name it. I love second prizes. They often lead to fleeting moments of first prize.

The great news is that we can claim first prize anytime. Unless we get caught in those webs of beliefs that tell us we are not good enough, don’t have enough, have not achieved enough to be happy yet. Then we rule out any chance for the gold and severely diminish chances for bringing home the silver.

If you get stuck in envy, resentment, regret or guilt you get the booby prize.

We live in a societal trance of prize reversal. Breaking out and staying out represents a worthy challenge. My life’s work is helping people to claim first prize then go for the second with gusto.

I still need reminders about the real order of life prizes though. Without an occasional wake-up call I can struggle along, impatiently striving for second prize while I ignore the primo prize within my grasp, a lifetime of happiness.

There is progress! I haven't settled for the booby prize in a long, long time.

This reminder goes out to you (and me) with good wishes for happy days in the first place winner’s circle and lots of adventures with second prizes too.


More reminders? Visit my website for books, links to free videos, articles and belief quizzes

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clear the Way for Miracles

Here’s an exercise you can do to give your miracle a chance to meet up with you in reality.

Write down something you want, something that would take a miracle to attract or achieve.
Now write down why you cannot have it.

Those answers are your beliefs. If they stand between you and the fulfillment of your heart’s desire it is vital to know if they are true or not.

Erin Carraway did that. At the Breakout Weekend at Rowe at the end of May Erin began to dream of playing rugby. She believed it was an amazing experience she could not have again.

Erin’s reasons and beliefs:

7 years away from the game. That’s too long. You can’t go back after that long.

No teams nearby. There isn’t anybody to play with anyway

Fitness level. I could never get back into the kind of shape I’d need to be in.

Age, 43. That is too old.

Here’s how Erin broke out of her limiting beliefs to her miracle.

“After reading Emotional Options and doing countless more dialogues on myself, and a few with a friend I met at Rowe, I started to attract answers to other questions about my additional concerns.

I used Vitale's Attractor Factor and your Option dialogues, I started to see and feel it happening.

That Tuesday night, at the gym, I visualized myself talking to a friend about why I wanted to play again.
Wednesday morning found me sending a random email to a club I found just 70 miles from me (how I never knew of it before?!).
They offered me a chance to play with them on Saturday.
The obstacles of getting gear and arrangements all fell, effortlessly into place.
Saturday morning I woke up at 3:30am to make the 4 hour drive to beautiful Saranac Lake to play for this team.
Naturally the drive happened without issue, and by 9:05 AM I was playing rugby again...running, tackling, scrumming against women 20 years my junior, and loving it!

The weekend answered my questions: can I do it, and do I still want to do it. Yes to both...the team asked me to play with them. Today I worked out the final hurdle of health insurance.

There is so much more to say...the universe gives what you ask for, and are willing to let go of.”

I love what Erin says about asking and letting go. Sometimes it is a real challenge to do both!
Wishing you many happy miracles –


There’s more! Erin used to weigh just under 300 lbs! Read how she became “normal sized” person and helps others to do the same.
Learn about the Breakout to Miracles Weekend.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is Wonder Calling You?

Robert Edelberg loves horses. He lived on a ranch and enjoyed the out-the-back-door access to his animals.

When he established a chiropractic practice in Palm Springs and remolded a dream home it seemed that having a horse of his own was a thing of the past.

Then came Wonder.

Wonder is a beautiful thoroughbred jumper. She had a habit of kicking over the top rail in competition so her owner decided to find her a new home.

One of Robert’s friends saw an email about a horse for adoption. She didn’t know much about horses, but she knew Robert. She sent him an email. He asked what kind of horse she was. His friend replied “brown.”

Robert went on with his busy day. Over the next few hours 2 more of his friends sent him emails about a horse for adoption. He ignored them.

When he returned home that night he noticed something odd in the bushes beside his front door. A playing card had lodged there. He lives in a windy area. Maybe the wind?

Or maybe Wonder calling. The card was an Ace with a picture of a horse on it that looked just like –Wonder.

Robert figured he had to at least visit her in the high desert where she was boarded. He fell in love with a horse named Wonder.

When he noticed a cut on her leg, he contacted Wonder’s owner to report the injury and to say he was interested.

His friend, Steve agreed to board her a his ranch nearby. Wonder’s owner met Robert there and said “Let’s move her now!”

Miracles abound! The signs are all around, but if you are listening to a played-out old sad song, trapped in a limiting belief system or just too busy with your day you may miss the call.
If Wonder is calling you, will you hear?

Photos of Wonder and Robert

To many wonders!


Robert Edelberg inspires me every two weeks in the Cathedral City Mastermind Group.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Giving Up Is Good Too

I’m learning to cut my losses. As some of you know the year attending Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings inspired me to write “Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past by Changing Your Beliefs.” There is a saying those of us who grew up in alcoholic or abusive families understand all too well, “We stick it out through thin and thin.”

Many of us from all sorts of backgrounds adopted limiting beliefs that caused us to endure, manage, make-do, tolerate and settle-for-less. We curtailed our dreams and visions without even knowing we did it.

It’s been a long, hard long lesson but I’m picking up steam. It’s becoming fun!
Persistence has it’s place. It’s very useful, and popular trait. Giving up is good too.

I trade stocks and options on the internet in the morning and actually relish selling with a small loss in stead of watching it drop day after day hoping for a come back. It frees up so much more money for profitable investments. I like to sell those too. No tree grows straight to the sky.

I’m changing the way I relate to people. Some of them don’t like it one bit. I can’t blame them if they move on to more compatible relationships. I bless them on their way.

A few years ago I told the director of a retreat center director to take “warm” out of my bio. Not that I want to be cold, I explained. I’m just not wanting to attract people who are specifically seeking warmth. I’m more interested in being clear, powerful, understanding and loving now – sort of temperature neutral when I teach.

I may even give up on those piles of things I’m going to read some day and get rid of the clutter in my office!

I hope this idea will help you too. Look around your life and inside yourself. Is there something you’d like to give up on? Call it quits and move on with love, joy and new inspiration.

Sometimes giving up is great!

Wishing you the wisdom to know just when to persist and just when to give up that which no longer serves you.


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Handle Absolutely Everything

Would you like “A New Way to Handle Absolutely Everything?” Elese Coit dedicates her radio show by that audacious name to making the ‘impossible’ imaginable and the ‘difficult’ do-able.

I enthusiastically accepted her invitation to discuss one of my favorite topics, “What’s holding You Back? (and What to Do About It!)”

Join us to discover a new way to handle any belief that limits you this Friday, July 17 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

What beliefs? The ones that block happiness, success, prosperity and love!

Miracles abound. Are you ready to accept them?

Here’s the info you need to listen free:

To listen on the day at 10 am Pacific time, 1 pm Eastern time simply go to

Click LISTEN NOW. Listeners can dial in live toll free on 1-877- 230-3062 to be part of the show.

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Psst! Pass it on,


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Declare Your Own Independence

Do you want to win independence from something that limits your happiness and creativity? Maybe fear? Poverty? Loneliness? Resentment?

We all create prisons of one sort or another with our own belief systems. We don’t mean to do it. But it happens every time we adopt a belief that seems true but is not.

A Personal Declaration of Independence can be a powerful step on the path to freedom.

On a warm July night in the woods an angel ( a real one) helped me to declare my independence from a life-long fear of judgment.

The liberty I gained that night still grows as does my gratitude.

More people responded to the story of what happened that Independence Day than anything I ever sent out. You can read about it (free) on my website:

Sharing a declaration empowers it. It makes it real. When other people join with you in your intention and cheer you on it works with the Law of Attraction to create miracles. If you would like to share your Personal Declaration of Independence here, I would love to read it and cheer you on. I know it will inspire and encourage others as well.

Happy Independence!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Breakout from Fear

I plan my courses pretty carefully. But when we all show up and go live the real magic begins.

Almost always, a secret unplanned theme reveals itself. Something deeper than all the fliers and emails brings us together.

Last weekend a high percentage of the participants at Rowe had experienced severe abuse in their lives.

When some people courageously explored the beliefs that still imprisoned them in a perpetual state of fear and hyper-vigilance, we discovered:

A strong desire to protect themselves, to keep safe from danger and harm
An equally strong belief that fear was the only thing that would protect them
Shame of being afraid

Therapy, courses, all sorts of attempts to overcome their fear had no effect.

Of course not! If you had been attacked and hurt and you believed fear was the only thing that protected you, would you give it up? No matter how ashamed you were of your fear, no matter how debilitating and limiting it was, if you believed it was the only way to survive nothing would take it away.

We saw something in the quiet of acceptance and the dizzy-making confusion that comes with openly exploring beliefs. You don’t need fear in order to be aware of danger. You need to be alert and aware of danger, the way you are when crossing a busy street. It does not require tense muscles, holding your breath, nightmares, and a perpetual state of fear.

Each time, their faces softened and lit up, their bodies relaxed as they embraced a brand new goal – to protect themselves with loving awareness and gratitude for a healthy built-in fight or flight response they would only need when danger threatened. Not all day and all night for the rest of their lives.

Nobody wants to live in the past. But we all live by the past. During painful times especially, we often form strong beliefs that block future happiness and success. We continue to live by those beliefs without being aware of it.

That’s why I wrote “Travelling Free.” If you or someone you know could use help to breakout out from painful experiences in the past, “Travelling Free” is now available at in Kindle and MobiPocket versions also.

“It’s not what happens to us but what we come to believe that shapes our lives.” –Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past by Changing Your Beliefs" by Mandy Evans

Cheering you on to freedom from past limits.


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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Memorial: anything meant to help people remember

In the US we celebrate Memorial Day, set aside for the dead from all of our wars, with remembrance and barbeques. I will enjoy both and envision a world at peace.

On Memorial Day my grandmother cut all the flowers in our yard. She filled the back of the car with them and the scent of peonies and lilacs. We’d drive out of town, down the country road, past the country club and into the Rockville Cemetery.

We left bouquets on the graves of generations of Bouics, Peters, Vinsons and Evans’s while she told me things about them I’ve long forgotten.

Headstones for my father, aunts, uncles, cousins and some of my mothers ashes mark their lives and their passing there now too.

I remember my grandmother’s love. How hard her life was. How she worked to make things better for everyone she knew. I honor her and thank her for raising me, though I did not then.

My father was a gentle man and a violent alcoholic. He lived most of his life alone, especially after he finally stayed sober for a few years before he died. I hardly knew him.

In the only real conversation we had as adults I learned he had been a Dachau Liberator in WWII. He told me about prisoners killing guards and his fellow GI’s laughing and cheering. He understood the prisoners, he said, but not his buddies. I remember and honor him and his service. I’m thankful for that story. It helped me to understand him and something about myself.

I remember the smell of peonies and lilacs, a reminder to be happy and to thank the people whose contributions fill my life with love—while they are still alive.

Thank you for being someone I can share these thoughts with.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

A voice woke me up in the middle of the night. A dream? A memory? The universe?

It said “Catch a Buzz, how may I help you? I’m sorry, Linda is all booked up this week. Would you like me to look for something next week?”

Then it came to me. I had heard those words before.

First, for this to make any sense at all, here’s a glimpse into the Breakout Weekend. We do a lot of journaling, beginning with what we want to break out from and what we want to break out to. That way each person uses the weekend to work on their unique issues. It is good info to have about yourself. I encourage you to make your own list and see what happens.

At the last Breakout Weekend we got pretty exuberant playing What If Up. It goes like this. Tell a group something you want or a problem you have. The group shares wonderful “what if’s” instead of the usual stuff to worry about.

One of the things on Robert Edelburg’s Breakout List was a center for healing and teaching. He is a gifted chiropractor and healer. They call him Dr. Buzz from an appropriate childhood nickname.

Linda Hyman draws on a lifetime study of personal and spiritual growth. She had just finished training as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Her list included a successful new therapy practice, recession or not.

We had what iff-ed a thriving center for Dr. Buzz, called, “Catch-a-Buzz” (I said we were feeling exuberant).

Then we focused on Linda’s dream. Dr.Buzz held his hand to his head making the thumb and pinkie telephone symbol. He said, “Catch-a-Buzz, how may I help you? I’m sorry, Linda is all booked up this week. Would you like me to look for something next week?”

Last weekend Linda and I went to a movie. She was almost late. Her practice is so full she had fallen asleep after squeezing 3 more patients into her exhausting schedule on Saturday morning.

Dr. Buzz opens The Palm Springs Healing Center next month.

My list included a good movie buddy and a new place to teach, the Palm Springs Healing Center!

So what was that voice in the night for? Though it took work, it all evolved so naturally, without frustration, pain or struggle. Not one of us had noticed the breakout.

It’s good to know what you want. Even better to get support for your goal. It’s also important to notice when a dream comes true.

Miracles are waiting!


The next BREAKOUT Weekend

Linda Hyman, M.A., LMFT

Dr. Robert Edelburg, DC
Palm Springs Healing Center 760-416-2456

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Persevere or Give Up?

That goose sure taught me a lesson about persistence.

We have a little lake here in the desert. Lots of geese spend the winter every year. One flies in with his mate for the summer. They arrive each year just after all the other geese leave for cooler climates.

They build a nest, lay some eggs and wait. As temperatures soar the eggs bake and rot. She sits and he patrols the area attacking the gardeners and baby ducks.

We all wonder why don’t they just give up. I even wrote a blog about it, “Stop Struggling Like a Crazy Goose.” Boy was I wrong. I love being wrong. It always means I learned something new.

Spring moved in this year cool, slow and sweet.

Guess what happened? See below!

So how do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?
Here's a plan.
Never give up unless you want to.
Hold on and persevere as long as you like.
Eventually one of 4 things will happen:
Your dream will come true
You’ll lose interest
You will want something else even more
You’ll run out of time

The extra good news is that you never have to struggle like a crazy goose.
Put your order in to the universe.
Enjoy the dream.
Embrace the goal.
Look for opportunities.
Take action when you spot a good opportunity.
Be happy in the meantime.
Make sure you stay open to discover more wonderful possibilities than you ever dreamed of.

Who knows what you might hatch!

To your happiness and success!

Love, Mandy

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Who Nurtured You?

Happy Mother's Day!

Who nurtured you?
Share messages and acknowlegements for Mother's Day here!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Deserving Is a Bogus Issue -- The Video

This one sure ruffled some feathers. What do you think?
Here's the link for the YouTube video.

Accept Miracles!


Saturday, April 18, 2009


I got a phone message I didn't know how to respond to. Someone I had never met called to ask for help with a heart-rending challenge and I had no answer. I dreaded returning the call. I felt so inadequate to the task.

Just be kind, I thought. It is always a gift and sometimes hard to come by. I picked up the phone with more enthusiasm.

I met a brave, fascinating person. We had an interesting converstaion. I had even spoken at the church she attends now back when her mother used to go there.

We found a way to happiness and peace of mind even before we solved the problem she faces. We are both going to focus on the desired outcome and send love. We came up with a few steps to take to clear the path for miracles.

It was a great call and a wonderful reminder -- there is always something you can contribute, even when you don't know what to say or what to do. Share kindness. It opens doors for miracles to come in.

Blessings and thanks to SB for a sweet connection.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Richard Can Read

When an adult learns how to read, it is like walking through a wall into a brand new world. Talk about a breakout!

I have enjoyed the privilege of teaching 3 adults, all over 40 years old how to read.
Mary Galewaler, a widow with 12 children moved out of extreme poverty – the kind where you cry because your kids are cold and hungry and you don’t know what to do. She got her first paying job after living on a veteran’s pension and social security. She bought her own home.

A welfare mother in Desert Hot Springs, CA learned that she was not retarded. I watched as she made a dream come true. She held her youngest daughter on her lap and read her a story.

Richard can read! We are working on “Consonant Blends.” Richard read that title, “Consonant Blends,” without blinking an eye. He is also reading Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Life.”

Want to add your prayers and thoughts to help people learn to read? Palm Springs “Breakout Weekend” graduate, Dorie Geniesse and her friend Sue started Selcarim to see if our prayers and thoughts could change the world by focusing on a different problem each month. They asked me to choose an issue I care deeply about and record a message for April. You can hear it here:

Here’s to walking through walls!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Clear Path to Prosperity

Nothing like a bunch of out-dated, off-the-wall, self-defeating, limiting beliefs about money to keep your credit card maxed and your pockets empty.
Nothing like disproving those beliefs to clear a path to prosperity!

Two kinds of beliefs often stand in the way.

Limiting emotional beliefs: These beliefs trigger painful feelings. For example some people feel shame when they fail and guilt when they succeed. What a bind! Anticipatory dread of these emotional consequences keeps us from even trying new approaches. Fear of feeling worse causes the wheel spinning that digs us deeper and deeper into a rut of despair.

Misperceived beliefs about adequacy, deserving and status act like blinders blocking out genuine opportunities. You cannot recognize a magical connection when your focus is on whether you deserve it or not. How can you be recognized if you are trying to pump up your status or hide your true nature?

Actions speak loudly of beliefs. A student of mine is working on a strong case of poverty consciousness. He noticed a great clue to follow up and explore. He rents a low cost apartment in an affluent suburb. When people at his new job asked where he lived, he said “I didn’t want to tell them. I didn’t want them to think I’m rich.”

Another student responded, “Wow. I would want just the opposite. I’d want people to think I’m a lot better off than I am.”

These opposing responses stem from the same misconception: “who I am is not ok.”

There is one thing I wish I could share with the whole world today. “You are enough. You are not too much, too little, too young, too old, too rich, too poor, to beautiful, too ugly – too anything to be happy, to be loved and to prosper. You are enough just as you are. You may want to use that enough-ness to create all sorts of adventures. Maybe you want to make a fortune. Maybe avoid some pitfalls. You may succeed some days and stumble on others. It has nothing to do with whether you are enough to be the perfect you.

To find out more about beliefs like these and how to break out from them take a free quiz on “50 Beliefs About Money”

Some of them may surprise you!

I hope these messages help you to find and disprove more limiting beliefs so you can see the miracles and opportunities all around. Please feel free to share them.


If you come to the Rowe Conference Center in May we’ll have a whole BREAKOUT Weekend together clearing the path to accept prosperity, creativity and miracles. . Click Conference Center Schedule; scroll down to May 29. It’s a beautiful, caring environment for a breakout!

Know why you want everything you want? Don’t miss the YouTube clip from the Miracles Weekend

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Magic of a Mastermind Group

Last weekend the Cathedral City Mastermind Group met in beautiful, peaceful, Rosarito Beach, Mexico for a retreat. We supported each other in loving creative consciousness. We also shopped a bit, day-dreamed on the balcony, went tide-pooling at low tide, ate and drank and enjoyed the amazing condo two of our members shared with us. If you're looking for your own bit of paradise, it's for sale. Send an email to Jo'se at and he'll tell you all about it and show you a virtual tour.

Our Mexican Mastermind adventure --

The astounding view from our balcony, our our group, minus one member who was with us in spirit and me holding forth on something or other.

A mastermind group is a wonderful way to keep growing, expanding your consciousness and breaking out from limiting beliefs you do not even know you have.

Wishing you abundant support for your dreams and great happiness.

With love,


Thursday, March 12, 2009

The View from on Top of an Obstacle

I always love it when someone has good news.

Today it is I! After the big crash that took my website down, after months of wrangling with templates, hosting services, fonts and source code my website lives again. It’s new and improved. I learned a lot during the process.

I read each article again as I changed imported fonts that got mangled. I found useful reminders. I checked the “Belief Quizzes” amazed at the nonsense we humans can believe. When my grandmother disagreed with someone she would say “Oh you’re just full of notions!” Now I know exactly what she meant.

In the process, I staged a personal belief breakout and changed a couple of big old notions. I believed technology was a necessary evil. I went kicking and whining through each inevitable evolution convinced and proclaiming “It’s toooo hard, I’m too old.”

It took an awfully long time, but I see the light. I’m eager, excited and ready to convert those books for kindle, ipod, you name it. I’m ready to edit the Miracles Weekend video, get those talks digitalized and out there! I am ready to play with the big kids in the big leagues and have a fine time doing it!

If there is something you’ve balked at learning, moving on to, or changing here are two of my favorite quotes. I hope they will cheer you on to hope and action in the perfect direction for you.

“If the horse dies, get off.” –Author unknown

“There is a great view from on top of an obstacle.” Bruce Di Marsico

About that website, the photo at the top of it is one I took from my patio last Christmas. Seems like a miracle – bright sunshine, green palm trees and snow on the mountain. And being able to show it to you – who live all over the world, WOW!

I’d love it if you would take a look and let me know what you think.
To leave a comment here click "comment." You do not have to sign up for anything just choose another option!
Life is short and miracles await!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Freedom from the Fear Myth

If I had to give you a two word job description this is it: belief detective. When I work with people in seminars and the few individual sessions I can manage, I look for clues that lead to limiting and self-defeating beliefs.

You can’t break out from the prison of the false reality that locks you in fear, anger or guilt until you discover the beliefs that make that prison.

There is a lot of fear in the air these days, so I’ll use that as an example to explain what I mean. I’ve worked with successful people recently who tell me that they live in fear, mostly about financial issues. This is not an awareness of danger. It is a painful emotion that is always with them.

I ask, “What are you concerned would happen if the fear went away?” Here are some of the answers I hear most often:

I don’t deserve to be happy
I wouldn’t be careful about money
I wouldn’t do anything
I would give up

Can you see that the answers may be an odd match with the question? The point is that the question dredges up the beliefs that hold fear in place.

When we looked more deeply into the specific beliefs everyone uncovered some form of this belief, “My fear protects me” or “My fear keeps me safe.”

Once we uncoverd the belief we could question it. “How does fear protect you or keep you safe?” I cannot recall an instance of fear keeping anyone safe. Living in fear actually blocks awareness of danger and creative responses to it.

So far, everyone who has discovered and explored the belief that they need to live in fear in order to be deserving, careful, productive, tenacious, alert, or aware of danger has come to view that belief as untrue -- a self-defeating myth.

When someone breaks out from a belief that requires him to live in abiding fear, he can relax. People often experience a sense of peace and well-being for the first time in a long time. One man smiled broadly, bopped himself on the forehead like a V8 commercial and said “I could of had fearless!”

Most likely when you are happy, relaxed and at peace you still want to take care of yourself and those you care about. I’ll bet you would still welcome creative solutions to every challenge you face. Breaking out from the fear myth sure improves your chances.

If you or someone you know is living in fear these days, I hope this exploration of the fear myth will be useful. Feel free to pass it on.


For more information on how to breakout from beliefs that block your happiness and success, visit

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BREAKOUT to Miracles

Advanced notice!

Registration is open for the BREAKOUT Weekend, May 29-31 at the Rowe Conference Center.

The BREAKOUT Weekend is the most powerful seminar I have ever taught.

Rowe, in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts is an amazing place for a weekend retreat. For details about the course and the center:

Have you ever wondered how to break out from the beliefs that limit you to the infinite opportunities and miracles all around you?

Are you ready to give yourself a break, or should I say, a breakout?

If you live in New England, have dreamed of visiting or returning, please consider this rare opportunity to participate in a live and in person, roll-up-our-sleeves and get to work weekend.

Please tell all of your friends and relatives too. Life is short and miracles await.

Click “Conference Center Schedule and scroll down to May 29-31, Breakout Weekend.

60,000 copies of the catalogue are printed and ready for distribution. I want to make sure that all of you who want to come get the first chance to sign up.

Let’s stage a BREAKOUT!


PS, Rowe works very hard to make their courses affordable for everyone, the food is amazing, the setting beautiful and restorative.

Visit for free articles and quizzes to help you break out from limiting beliefs to infinite opportunities for happiness, success and love.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Sweet Valentine

Why put your your grandson's Valentine on the refrigerator when you can post it on your blog?
You never know when or where you will find a special love.
When I taught in The Netherlands a xouple of years ago someone asked if I had grandchildren. I said no.
Els ten hengle approached me during a break to say her son, Siem did not have any grandmothers.
We wrote. We all spent Christmas together in 2007.
You just never know when you'll find a special love, a special grandson, or what kind of miracle will appear in your life.
Happy Valentine's day!
Sending love,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stop Sabotaging Cupid!

Around Valentine's Day the focus for many of us zooms in on love. But before you sign up for a dating service or cast carbs aside forever, give Cupid a nudge in your direction in a new way. Check out your love beliefs.

These are the beliefs we all adopt as we go through life. They represent an assortment of conclusions we come to, things we have been told and have had no reason to doubt, assessments and judgments we make along the way. These beliefs affect our lives in many ways because we live by them whether they are true or not.

When it comes to relationships your love beliefs play an important and overlooked role.

In over thirty five years of working with people to change self-defeating and limiting beliefs, I have gathered examples of these beliefs like a squirrel gathers nuts for the winter. Because what you believe about love may determine what happens to you far more than who you meet or how much you weigh, your net worth or any of the factors we so often struggle with in the search for a loving relationship.

It is the hidden beliefs, the ones you don't even know you have that usually cause the most trouble. But once you know what they are, you can begin to change them.

When you change a belief you have held, the private version of reality you live by can change too. You will seek different experiences and be attracted to different people. In a world filled with people wanting to love and be loved some wonderful potential relationships await on the other side of limiting or self-defeating beliefs.

Here are some commonly held beliefs about love that can ruin a relationship and block the hapiness that comes with sharing love with an open heart:

"I'm not good enough to be loved." Very few people go around saying "I am not good enough to be loved," but this belief shows up in a variety of ways. People who harbor this belief astound their friends and family by how little they will settle for in a mate and how much abuse they will take. Another clue that this belief is in effect is the inability to accept love when it is freely offered.

"Letting go is hard to do." Anyone with this belief suffers long and hard at the breakup of a relationship. Changing your focus from loss and pain to what you want to experience instead will help you to create that experience. The best way to let go is to reach for something else.

"Until I have the romantic love-of-my life I am not a success." Those for whom this seems true fail to enjoy the other wonders in life, friendships, family, and the glory of nature. The pride and pleasure of mastering new challenges mean little or nothing as long as this believer is not romantically involved.

"Love is scarce." This myth causes people to latch on and hold tight at the first hint of a budding relationship. They do not have relationships; they take hostages. When their "prisoners of love" struggle and sooner or later break free, it reinforces the belief that the potential for a loving relationship is slim.

"Rejection has to be painful and is to be avoided at all cost." This belief limits the ability to risk finding out what a relationship can withstand. Avoiding rejection at all cost actually keeps relationships from growing in intimacy and strength.

"I wasted my love on him/her." As if there were some huge rotting garbage heap of wasted love somewhere! The bitterness that accompanies this belief robs the believer of most of the sweetness of life. Although you may not like the results of choices you made,that does not mean that the experience of loving was a waste.

"Love is something you acquire and trade like a commodity." Because it results in constant calculation and evaluation, this belief ends in shallow exchanges and loneliness. For the man or woman who operates from this belief, it also seems real that others view them the same calculating way.

"If you loved me, you would _____ (fill in the blank)." Those who suffer(and suffer they do!)from this conclusion measure how loved they are by how much their lovers give in to their demands. The demands escalate until they drive loved ones away or create a living nightmare instead of a loving partnership.

"Love takes away unhappiness." When someone looks at love through this lens any upset signifies a failure of love. Ironically, when you actively love yourself or someone else, you usually will feel happier. It just does not work when you try to put someone else in charge of your feelings.

Once you identify a self-defeating belief, asking these questions about it can help to unravel it.

1. First, write the belief down so you can focus on it. Ask yourself, "Is that true?" Write your answer down. Don't worry if your answer surprises you. For now, the goal is simply to determine if you really think that particular belief is true.
If you see for yourself that something you have believed, maybe for years, is simply not true, you can begin to change the seeming reality that goes with living by that belief.

2. Why do I believe that? What seems true about this belief?

3. What might happen if I did not believe that? Let your thoughts and imagination go with this one. Write freely. A masterpiece can come later. Right now give voice to the response that comes when you ask the question.

4. If that belief disappeared, would that be ok? The answer to this might surprise you. It often leads to the discovery of some fear you may need to work through.
If you uncover even more beliefs, you can question them as well.
Question your love beliefs and give Cupid a chance! What lies on the other side of limiting and self-defeating beliefs? Infinite opportunities for a life filled with love and happiness.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Upcoming Free Teleseminar Series

You CAN listen to the Teleseminar Intensive Series free!
To sign up:


The prior notice for the Free Teleseminar had several errors. Thanks to the thoughtful people who noticed and let me know the info has been revised!

Series producer, Jodi Rosenberg is new in the wild world of teleseminars. It is an amazingly complicated process. She has been working on it for months. I've not dealt with a more dedicated producer, conscientious in presenting my segment accurately and reading my books to prepare for our presentation.

We live in the midst of infinite opportunities, but it's easy to get stuck behind a wall made from beliefs that are just not true! I welcome the opportunity to share how to break out to greater freedom, happiness and success in this far reaching way -- FREE to everyone who wants to listen.

You can also download the entire 12 week intensive series or buy a transcript for a fee if you want to.

Here's the info again.


Sending love,


Friday, January 23, 2009

Why You Can't Let Go of a Limiting Belief

I’m shocked at the number of belief experts who tell anyone who will pay to listen to let go of limiting beliefs and create new ones!

I see it in books, on blogs and promotions of all sorts. Almost everything out there about limiting beliefs is filled with this nonsense.

Why am I so shocked?

Because you cannot do it!

Bi it's very nature, a belief is what you think is real. You will not stop believing the floor is the floor just because your hear it is a limiting belief. You will stand up and walk on it.

You will not stop believing you are unworthy because you think it’s a bad belief! You have to find out it is not true, or not an issue in order to end your faith in it.

For a belief to be limiting, it has to be untrue. The truth never limits. It sets us free. When you see for yourself that something you have believed and lived by, maybe for years, is false you simply stop believing it.

Here’s a poignant example. I had a friend who was very poor. Her name was Mary Galewaler. She had 12 children. Mary was a widow.

One day she told me, the pride of certain knowledge in her voice, “I always tell my kids, “Ain’t no Galewaler never gonna get nowhere in this world.”

Weighing the intrusion factor against the possibility for a new and better reality, I ventured a reply, “You might not want to say that, Mary.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because it might not have to be true.”

Long pause. Long, long pause.

“Oh, I never thought of that.” Mary’s smile lit up the room!

I’ll bet big bucks. Mary Galewaler never said “No Galewaler’s never gonna amount to nothing” again.

And Mary? She learned to read, she bought a home. She got her first paying job.

She did not sit down and choose something better to believe. She perceived a new, expanded reality. She learned the truth. Neither she nor her children were doomed to a life with no success.

You need to get in there and find out if your limiting or self-defeating belief holds true for you. It’s tough to do alone which is why I wrote two whole books dedicated to just that to help you.

“Travelling Free” covers beliefs formed during painful, hard times. “Emotional Options” focuses on beliefs that block happiness which always block success too. You can order them at my still messed-up but working website:

If you already have them but are stuck in something you don’t like – get them out and read that part again. I do!

Wishing you great insight and clear vision!


PS: Enlighten and inspire us with your thoughts -- always welcome! Click "comments" below.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mandy Evans Live at The Betty Ford Center

The response from those who listened to “Peace with the Past” encourages me to send it to you again.

I’m speaking to recovering addicts and professionals in the field at the famous Betty Ford Center in California. The material applies to all of us who seek freedom from limiting beliefs we formed during challenging times that are not true and block happiness and success now.

Here’s a gift to help you make a strong start in 2009 – FREE for you and FREE to share.

I was deeply touched by the spontaneous comments people sent me. Like these --

“Thank you for your story and your generosity in sharing it. Even though I know so many of the stories of your life, it was with awe and appreciation that I listened again. You are an amazing speaker and a beautiful light in the world and in my life.”

“Thank you for sharing this very personal and inspirational talk with us. You have a lot to say and your presentation is easy to hear and accept on a very personal level as well.”

“It was great! I did not live with alcoholic parents but there are many aspects of your talk that hit us all. As you said, we all have a past!
I sat my husband down and had him listen to your talk on the MP3 since his mother came from an alcoholic family. Never did anyone ever talk about "the father." He was always the bad guy and I know very little about their story but we both wondered what my mother-in-law's fathers' story might have been.Please start selling this CD as soon as you can it will be wonderful!Thank you for giving it as a gift. It was highly received!”

“It was exciting and just like having my own private lecture. I found myself learning stuff all over again from it - as well as feeling very moved.”

I’d love to know what YOU think.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Report from the 2009 Welcoming Group

Five of us gathered here on the patio over bagels and stuff on New Years Day to reflect and write about what we want to welcome into our lives in 2009.

Three of us had done this before. The other two had not. I found myself feeling very shy explaining the point of it all to my friends and trying not to sound like a seminar leader.

We talked about how being conscious of what you welcome matters. Whether to say "I want or I welcome" came up for discussion too. And whether it was just semantics.

For about twenty years I thought in terms of "I want" for this exercise. Then I became aware of the energy and emotions that generated. How it seemed to focus on the lack rather than the awareness of how welcome the object or experience we desire is.

We got to work and spent four hours thinking, writing, sharing, eating, laughing, crying and learning so much about ourselves and each other.

Each of us had focused more than usual on how we wanted to be, changes we wanted to make in ourselves, rather than stuff to attract from the universe. We had plenty of those too though.

We all wanted inspiration to expand, grow, create, express our true selves in different ways.
Clearing excess baggage was popular as were travel, meditating and spiritual growth.

We added to our lists as we learned from each other and thought of new wonders we'd like to show up in our lives.

Here is some of what I wrote:
Being happy
The will to do what I can to be healthy and pain-free
Greatly expanded ability to accept love and support
Deepening dear relationships
To be well accompanied through life
Writing the next book and selling 100,000 copies
Tech help
Someone to help market CDs and seminars
A perfect tenant for a warehouse/office building I own to whom I can give a big rent break and for whom it will be a well used and appreciated opportunity
A durable solution to roof leaks at that building
Continued prosperity
Being a good mother
Being a good friend
Wonderful books to read
Food, love, shelter for all
Help for our new president from all over
Renewal and deepening of values of honor and kindness in our country -- and the world

We talked about the importance of nurturing, support and open communication, the consequences of isolating when times are tough and admiration for the courage of those who put themselves out there in creative ways for all of us to see and maybe judge harshly.

It was a magical morning. I wish we could all be together at one huge table sharing our thoughts and heart's desires.

I love the comments people posted so far. They are a gift to us all.

May all of our "welcomings" arrive at our doors and may we all be wise enough to let them in.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Temporary Email

Oh no! My website and email are down!

You can reach me here or send email to for now!

Happy New Year!

I love your welcoming posts. I'll get mine in tomorrow.