Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busted! Trouble Walking the Walk

Busted! Trouble walking the – well trouble walking at all. I’ve been thinking and writing about how what you focus on grows. Oh dear, look what happened.

A friend of mine recently fell several times and severely injured herself. I wondered with intense curiosity (oh, no!) what would happen if I fell down.

When I tried to recall the last time I fell I came up with only two downer incidents in my adult life. When I was about seven months pregnant with baby Barnaby in 1967, I caught my heel as I stepped down from the Broadway bus in NYC and plunged baby-bump forward onto the sidewalk. I can still hear the gasps from horrified onlookers. Other than skinned knees and minor mortification, Barnaby and I escaped without damage.

About twenty years ago I fell flat on my face on the beach in Carlsbad, CA on Christmas morning while taking a walk with a friend. No problems. Lots of laughs.

By now my tripping/falling thoughts are vivid and strong, my curiosity piqued.

It’s two weeks ago. I’m walking to my car at a shopping mall. I catch my toe on a slightly raised square of concrete. I stumble forward – one, two, three steps. I almost pull out of it. Maybe if I go faster. But if I fall, I’ll smash to the ground harder. I feel the tipping point. Gravity wins and I surrender. I slow down, put my forearm up to protect my face, turn my knee to the side. I land on my right thigh. Scrapes and a big bruise but I think I’m fine.

Now it’s two weeks later. My right hip hurts like a son of a gun. I’m trying to focus on the outcome I want. I catch myself over and over planning for a frozen hip. I’ve had frozen bursitis/tendonitis joints before so I know just what to imagine – vividly!

I drag my thoughts back to what I want. A healthy, pain free hip joint that moves really well. Now I bust myself thinking like a dang mantra, is it better? Is it worse? Better? Worse? Better? Worse? Whew!

I’m sending this message out because I got a lot of response to my last message, “Beware of Your Hidden Plans.” Some people said that the whole law of attracting stuff you don’t want idea suddenly made sense. Others asked how to focus on what you want. The real answer is “Just do it!”

The long, also real answer, is I know it’s hard. We have such vivid memories of past disasters, loaded with emotions, all set and ready to go. We have to make up our images about the future.

Any marketer worth his salt will tell you desire and fear are the strongest motivators. What do you market to yourself? When you focus on what you want, you get ideas, information, see opportunities for that. When you focus on what you dread you get ideas, information and see opportunities for that.

This has been an excellent test case for me. Here are some of my gains. I am highly aware of my thoughts. I direct and re-direct them to plans for healing. I’ve taken the best actions I know for healing. I’m ready to get medical attention if it gets any worse. I know who to turn to for help if I need it. The whole experience has been interesting and pretty much worry free.

The good news is for the first time in a week, I feel better today than yesterday. In fact right now I feel A-OK.

Here’s to conscious, happy motivation!


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  1. I am so glad you're okay and recovering! I am sending you even more healing vibes.

    And you have some tremendously insightful remarks from your learning experience. Thank you for sharing them.

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