Friday, July 8, 2011

Unblock the Strongest Motivation

Desire marks the path! I'm pretty sure desire functions as a sense of direction that will lead us perfectly through life. We just have to correct our course as new information becomes available.

I saw a video of my 11 month old granddaughter's triumphant climbing of a steep flight of stairs on her way to bed. If I had not been convinced before, it erased
all doubt; desire is the strongest form of motivation! That little girl just wanted to get to the top.

What governs desire? Warps it? Impedes its natural function? The limiting and life-extinguishing beliefs we form as we climb the stairs of life keep us from reaching the top.. Limiting beliefs about relationships, money, and other important areas of life like these:
  • I need to feel ashamed or I will do things I do not want to do. Do not want to do is the operative here!
  • If I don't feel bad, it means I don't care.
  • I won't have any money to put in an IRA anyway.
  • If I make a lot of money and lose it I'll feel really bad for a long, long time.
  • Nobody in this family is ever going to get anywhere.
  • If you loved me you would ______ (basically do whatever I think is a measure of love).
These beliefs and ones like them will crush the desire from you own heart and cripple your motivation. Break out from them and you enter the space of miracles.

Another enemy of desire is our own disapproval. Sometimes our true desire is not to achieve some lofty goal. Maybe it is to curl up and give up. We may want to learn something we are intensely curious about that does not seem practical., or reach out to someone for no apparent reason.

When we follow those desires, we often nurture and revitalize ourselves in a few hours or days. The fear, however, is often that it would be a permanent choice.

We would never get out of bed again, stop reading about that new subject or make a foolish phone call.

Helping someone to open a door he never knew he closed thrills me every time. When desire kicks in despite all odds against it, people light up with inspiration from within.

I am, by nature, much more of an explorer than a lecturer. I like to find the questions that open doors. One of my favorite questions is, what might you be concerned would happen if you do what you want to do and do? And not do what you do not want to do?

Try it for a day, an hour, whatever you dare. Include wanting in order to get a result, like wanting to finish a job so you can get paid. See what happens. I'd love to hear.