Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Freedom from Fear of False Danger

Choosing examples for the new class, "How to Break Out from a Limiting Belief" at entheos Academy for Life, I settled on beliefs about fear. Many of us believe that being afraid protects us from danger. People who suffered trauma and abuse often maintain abiding faith in this fear as if it were a weapon they can never put down. Most of us harbor some fear, of rejection, humiliation, being judged. Maybe heights? Speaking in a group?

Imagine the toll this hyper-vigilant state takes. It bombards our bodies with autonomic and endocrine changes designed for self-preservation. But what if there is no danger?

Living in constant fear not only does not protect from peril, it diminishes your ability to discern actual threats to your well-being. It wears you out. It robs you of peace of mind and restorative rest. Chronic fear wreaks havoc with your ability to love and feel loved.

No matter where it came from, faith in fear will not save you! The ability to accurately discern and respond to danger helps. A healthy flight or fight response works wonders. Learning to avoid harmful people and situations works much better than coloring everything scary.

Here's one of mine. I dread asking anyone for anything, especially for something that  benefits me. It's easier to ask for someone else.

I've got ideas about where it came from but what I've done with it that has compounded the problem big time. I engineered my life around not having to ask. That led me to people who really liked that. That led...
well you get the picture, the impact of that kind of fear.

It's minor compared to the (often hidden) terror many people live with. But provides us with a good, clear example. Sure is one I know well. This is what I've come up with. It helps. I'm gaining on it.

  • Challenge your faith in fear
  • Learn to see real danger and respond to it
  • Avoid harmful people and situations
  • Seek nurturing, supportive environments
  • Relax, if just for a minute, and see what happens

When I feel that old familiar dread, I ask, "Is there any reason you don't want to do that other than because you're scared?" If the answer is answer "no" I do it. Sometimes I have to schedule it on my calendar. I'm talking really little stuff, like calling CreateSpace (Amazon's publishing company) to ask how many pages they require to put a title on the spine of a book. That took 10 days. The answer is 101 :-)!

The big idea is to stop honoring your fear of false danger as if it were some great wall. Challenge it. Walk right through it. Over and over again. You will build new memories and beliefs. When you discover that emperor really hasn't got any clothes, you will never have to blindly obey again. Fear really can turn into excitement!

Now I'm going to ask you for something. Please check out the new class, "How to Breakout from a Limiting Belief" and others at entheos. If you like it, help me spread the word. This is a brand new venture and adventure for me. I'm thrilled to share it with you. The courses there offer you real value.

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Let's stage a BREAKOUT!
About that asking? Heart beating fast, but feeling excited.