Monday, September 8, 2008

Keep Learning!

Every single person I know who is unhappy and stuck balks at learning. They may resist a life-lesson that stares them in the face. Or they might cling to the status quo and fight every inevitable change.

Every single successful, happy person I know loves to learn.

Keep Learning!

On Saturday I trained Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaches team in my way to find and clear beliefs that keep each and every one of us in a small box of our own making. Those beliefs separate us from the abundant opportunities and resources available to us all.

With this is extraordinary group of dedicated, experienced and caring people, my concern was that nobody would admit to having anything to work on.

Guess what? They had plenty of stuff – painful, bewildering, confusing stuff. That’s because they are human. What sets them apart and contributes to their remarkable success with clients is that they keep learning and learning and learning.

On Friday night I had dinner with Joe and his beloved Nerissa. A major factor in Mr. Attractor Factor’s ability to accomplish more than most people ever even dream about in a lifetime (or 10 lifetimes!) is his insatiable thirst for knowledge. As fast as he learns something wonderful, he finds a way to share it.

I learned so much over Thai lettuce wraps! An amazing idea to improve the BREAKOUT Weekend, new ways to communicate old ideas, websites to visit and a killer title for an article.

In search of a summer learning adventure I took a 4 day Qigong course in San Diego. At 67 I did wonder if I’d be the oldest, stiffest, chubbiest, least experienced person there – I wasn’t! Though it was a challenge, I completed every single exercise and form all the way through including the one that lasted 2 hours. I loved it. My body, mind and spirit learned a lot.

Richard is 67, like me. Though he has a lot of physical problems, he’s happier than he has been in years. He is learning how to read – fast! We work together twice a week . Teaching adults how to read thrills me beyond description.

If you’d like to learn something that will enhance and enrich your life forever, come to the October 24-26 BREAKOUT Weekend in Palm Springs:

Or the Miracles Weekend with Joe Vitale and a group of his favorite teachers (including me) in San Diego, September 26-28:

Or be wild! Come to them both.