Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Wish

Hooray and thank you to all of the fathers who protect, provide for, and love their children. And for all of the men and women who do the same for children, throughout the world.

One of life's greatest joys is to see your own baby boy grow up to be a wonderful father. Here is my son Barnaby with his daughter, Emery.

My wish for fathers:

The joy of boundless love

The courage to face the scary times, like diseases and when your child is treated unfairly

The patience to weather conflicts

The wisdom to guide and let go

The support of many to help you

Abundance and health

The sheer delight of seeing your small person grow and learn, flourish and thrive

Amazing happiness

A loving home

Loving laughter like no other kind
Appreciation, loyalty, and love from your little ones as they grow into a beautiful, strong, healthy, loving, successful, happy, adults.

Happy Father's Day!