Saturday, February 7, 2009

Upcoming Free Teleseminar Series

You CAN listen to the Teleseminar Intensive Series free!
To sign up:


The prior notice for the Free Teleseminar had several errors. Thanks to the thoughtful people who noticed and let me know the info has been revised!

Series producer, Jodi Rosenberg is new in the wild world of teleseminars. It is an amazingly complicated process. She has been working on it for months. I've not dealt with a more dedicated producer, conscientious in presenting my segment accurately and reading my books to prepare for our presentation.

We live in the midst of infinite opportunities, but it's easy to get stuck behind a wall made from beliefs that are just not true! I welcome the opportunity to share how to break out to greater freedom, happiness and success in this far reaching way -- FREE to everyone who wants to listen.

You can also download the entire 12 week intensive series or buy a transcript for a fee if you want to.

Here's the info again.


Sending love,