Monday, February 4, 2013

The Change Challenge

The biggest challenge with change can be living in the present with your new self. As Werner Erhard said, Most likely you are fine just the way you are, but you keep acting the way your were.

I worked with a successful executive who hadn't noticed that since he now delegates a lot of tasks, he no longer needs to appear busy at his desk all of the time -- or feel anxious when he's not. Feeling happier and more relaxed, he signed up for the executive gym. He decided to watch guilt-free Ted Talks for inspiration right there in the corner office with a view. Then he looked around for an opportunity to volunteer some time with kids who need  inspiration and guidance and found one.

I've taught adults to read, who then struggled to realise that they could. Like a woman who never thought to leave a note for her kids when she left home for an emergency, because for 42 years, she couldn't. Her children were frantic until she returned.

Another new reader found it frightening the labels and signs in the supermarket jumped out to bombard him with their messages. They intruded in an area of his awareness that before noticed only color and shape.

I've worked with people who grew up in a harsh environment. My job (and the purpose of my books) is to help them to break out from the limiting beliefs they adopted during painful times that still seem real. It can be so very hard for them to see themselves in the present self as lovable, or to imagine that life could be easier, even fun.

Every change in you requires adjustments from your family and friends too. Friends and spouses especially, may have signed up for a relationship with the old you. This new version may or may not fit. Patience may be called for, or letting go altogether.

Coming into your prime can be a jolt. So can leaving it as you age. I'm adjusting to accepting a helping hand with tasks I could manage easily just a few years ago. It's quite a change. I enjoy the outpouring of kindness that comes my way.

What's new with you? Your comments inform and inspire us.

Here's to the new edition of you. May you thrive and flourish right here, right now!


What's new with you?