Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome Miracles in 2009

We’ve all had the experience. You think how much you love someone and want to connect. The phone rings. You hear your loved one’s voice and smile with delight.

How does it work? What gets in the way when it does not work?

I’ve rummaged around with those questions for over 30 years with lots of bright, curious, open minded, generous spirited people.

Here is some of what we learned.

The bad news is that you are not in charge of the whole universe, your vote about how things should go is not the only one that counts. If you think about it though, it’s not really bad news. How would you like it if someone else could determine the outcome in your life?

Desire is the rocket fuel of manifestation. It propels thoughts, action and creativity. I’m pretty sure it works in a cosmic way too, pushing and pulling things around in ways we are just beginning to grasp.

Happy desire brings happiness. Unhappy desire brings unhappiness.

Desire comes from the Latin desiderare, to await from the stars.

It works like an inner compass – an awareness of what we want to move toward or attract to us.

Self-defeating beliefs get in the way. They block amazing experiences. Call them miracles, blessings, whatever you want; we deflect and reject them every day. Because these experiences seem like miracles to us, they do not, by definition, fit into our limiting belief-systems about what we can be, what we can have and what we deserve. We rule them out like a foul-happy umpire in the game of life.

When we uncover those beliefs and reveal them as the misperceptions that they are, we can accept the wonders all around us. You may want to read (or re-read!) “Emotional Options” and “Travelling Free” to help you to do that. You can order them at”

On the first day of each New Year, I gather with a small group of friends to become more aware of “What I Welcome Into My Life.”

We’ll reflect on the miracles and wonders we’d like to show up in 2009, write them down and share the ones we want to divulge. I’ll share some of mine here.

There is power in shared consciousness. Letting people know what you would like to connect with improves the chances that it will happen, especially if lots of us celebrate and support each other’s heart’s desire.

I hope you’ll welcome miracles and blessings in 2009.

One desire leaps to mind right now: for each of you to be happier than ever before, more prosperous, healthier, more filled with love and receiving it back from all around you.

Please share this with anyone you’d like to extend a welcome to.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in the Desert

Happy Holidays!

We have snow way down low on our mountains here in the desert of the Coachella Valley in Southern California.

I'm wishing you happy holidays filled with love and joy.

If, as so many of us are this year, you are struggling with health, financial, relationship or other problems, I wish you especially happiness, prosperity, health, inspired solutions, caring support, peace of mind, courage, creativity and hope.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Most Challenging Talk I Ever Gave

The gift of recovery means so much to those of us who have lived through painful times--especially during holidays that evoke so many memories.

Nobody wants to live in the past, as the saying goes, but many of us live “by the past.” That is because during painful times we often form beliefs that are distorted, limiting, self-defeating – and simply not true. Then we continue to live by those beliefs without knowing it.

Finding and changing those beliefs opens doors we never knew we closed. Then miracles can come in.

So I took the exercises I developed for a seminar, insights from participants and my experience with Adult Children of Alcoholics and put it all together in a book.

“Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past by Changing Your Beliefs” is back in stock after some updates at Amazon. I hope you’ll buy a copy for some one (maybe you?) to help them recover from a tough time, expand their horizons and accept new miracles!

You can order it from my website,

This year I spoke about my own past at “The Alcohol Awareness Hour” for the world famous Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. I revealed things I had never shared in public.

There were laughter, tears and moments when I was not sure I would make it through the hour long talk. I had not anticipated how hard it would be in a room full of strangers, many of whom were only a few days or weeks clean and sober.

At the end of the talk something miraculous happened that made it more than worth while. Would you like to hear it?

“Making Peace with the Past is not for sale yet – anywhere. Here is the link to listen. It takes a few seconds to load. It’s FREE, my gift to you, sent with love.

Thanks to Debra Lux and Catherine Rush for helping me at “The Betty” and Bruce Feagle
( filmmaker extraordinaire for help with the CD.

Wishing you the gifts of recovery, love, health, happiness, prosperity and success during this season of many holidays!


PS I'd love to know your thoughts. Please share them at "comments" below.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Share Your Gratitude

What Are You Grateful For?

As we in the USA approach our day of gratitude, Thanksgiving, I would love to hear from you, wherever on this jewel of a planet you call home. Please share your thoughts; click the word "comments" below

Something happens when you share from your heart that is different from what happens when you keep it to yourself alone. You may increase the power of attraction, the goodwill of acknowledgement, the inspiration of your example, the recognition of our shared humanity. So I hope you will let us know what you are grateful this Thanksgiving.

I always thought it should be spelled great-full – as in “filled with awareness of greatness” – the awareness of the greatness of the beauty, abundance, love, joy--the magnificence of being alive on planet earth on the 3rd Thursday in November, 2008.

I am grateful for the love, challenge and many lessons of being my son, Barnaby’s mother – with all I have yet to learn. And to Sheri who loves him so well For my dear Dutch grandson, Siem

I am “great-full” for friendships old and new – like Catherine Rush, Debra Lux, Gary Dorothy, Kerry and Joe Lemier, Buzz Edelberg, Harry Cauley, Bob Burgos, Susan Stafford, Jeffrey Pease, Joe Vitale, Michael Neill, Jeffrey Pease, Abe Zimmerman, Douglas Wilson and Prue Berry, Rae Bales, Kate Nowak, Martin Parks, Sheila Bradley and so many others who have filled my life with love and lessons.

I am filled with gratitude to my reading student, Richard, for his inspiration and for giving me, twice a week, a time when I know without a doubt, that I’m doing something good.

I’m filled with gratitude for the abundance and beauty in which I live.

There is more, always more. What are some of yours?

If you share your blessing and gratitude who knows whose heart you will touch. Who you will inspire?

May your days be filled with gratitude and blessings!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trusting Reluctance

Perhaps a true seeker of truth never graduates from truth-seeking-school. But then, when would you want to be done with that? When would you want to stop learning more of the sheer, breath-taking beauty of clear vision?

One of my favorite truth seeking topics is “Trusting Yourself.” For the first part of my life I did not know it was even an issue. I just blundered about bouncing off the walls that defined my physical and emotional reality.

Around age 30 I began to listen to that small, still voice within. I began to see that even though a lot of my choices led to painful conclusions, I did want to take care of myself as best I could. I simply had a lot to learn. And a lot to unlearn. I still do.

Even so, I know I do the best I can with what I know and what I believe. I’ll bet you are too. The great news is that we can learn more every day. As we gain clarity our beliefs change with the speed of light.

Of all the ways we can trust ourselves, trusting reluctance doesn’t get a lot of buzz. I’ve never seen a headline or a seminar on “Trust Your Reluctance!”

What is that “oh, no, I don’t want to” message about anyway? So often we assume that if we don’t want to do something we believe we should it points to a character flaw – a sure sign of something in ourselves we need to overcome.

But what if it isn’t that at all? What if that internal braking system that slows us to a halt has another message. Sometimes our reluctance to act tells us that the very thing we try to force ourselves to do will not work. Or will not work yet. Will never turn out well with the approach we are about to take.

I’m learning to honor my reluctance. Sometimes I need more information, more courage, more support, more insight before opening my mouth, my heart or my purse-strings.

Yeah, but what if it is just a character defect of cowardice, laziness, sloth and torpor that holds me back? I ought to know, right? Maybe there is hope or help for improvement.

Here’s a question that helps me to sort it out. Say I dread making a phone call. I ask, “Is the only reason you don’t want to do it that you are afraid to?

If the answer is “no” – I’ve got other reluctance-reasons I can address now that I am aware of them.

If the answer is “yes” I can ask what I’m afraid of. When I identify my fear I can explore it. I can discover my reasons for being afraid. Those reasons are beliefs I can challenge and often dismiss as the limiting misconceptions they are.

I’m pretty excited about this new avenue of inquiry – celebrating reluctance! Who would have thought?

Now there is a phone call I’m ready to make – with no reluctance at all!

I’d love to know what you think. You can post comments by clicking the blue word “comments” below. My blog host shows a reluctance to give much of a clue!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bargain :
Bargain Miracles? -- What a concept!

Joe Vitale specializes in them. He just released his newest, latest and maybe his last book all about them, “Expect Miracles.” It sounds terrific.

Joe wants to spread the word and the miracles. Its available at a big bargain discount for $10.85 today at Amazon. Miracles for everyone on your holiday gift list! Get yours at:

The Freebie:
Free Gifts from the Heart at Foodista.

My beloved son, Barnaby and his beloved girlfriend, Sheri are building an online encyclopedia for everything about food and cooking – Foodista!

I really liked their blog with 10 homemade gifts for budget conscious times.

Now I’m going to go order some copies of “Expect Miracles” and make that intriguing garlic vinegar from Foodista.

True foodistas hunting down those fierce oysters in the wild waters north of Seattle!

Have a wonderful day, full of bargains, miracles and gifts from the heart!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Listen Up! You'll Be Glad

Did you ever have a wonderful time and think of all the people you wish you could share it with?
Only it’s too late, or time, travel, financial challenges get in the way.

Well last night Al Diaz and I had a conversation like that. Al is a generous spirit, a true seeker. It was smokin’ hot, super cool and as much fun as I’ve had in a long time.

Best of all, I CAN share it with you. It’s free. You can listen to it on your computer, download it and even send it to friends! Scroll down to the list of shows.

Listen up. I think you’ll be glad.

Have a great weekend.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Peace with the Past Radio Interview

I’m doing a free one hour internet radio interview on “Making Peace with the Past” on Thursday, November 6 at 6:00 PM Pacific time, 9:00 PM Eastern. The call-in number is (347) 826-7680.

The link is

We will discuss how you can clear beliefs from the past that block success and happiness now.

The law of attraction always works; they don’t call it a law for nothing. A lot of things can get in the way of it working the way you want it to though, at least on a conscious level.

You probably already know that what you focus on usually grows.
What determines what you focus on? Your belief system does.

Created from a lifetime of observations, conclusions, perceptions, interpretations, everything you’ve been taught and told, your belief system is your unique version of reality. That’s the reality you really live by. It includes beliefs about who you are, what you can have and how you have to feel. It controls what you reach for, even what dreams you dare to have.

Your belief system trumps discipline, affirmations and guilt every time. How powerful is that!?

During painful, challenging times we often form limiting and self-defeating beliefs. We continue live by those beliefs without being aware of it.

Of course I do not recommend “living in the past” but it’s just as important that we not live “by the past” – that we are not ruled by outdated beliefs that were never true to begin with, that block success and happiness.

My book, “Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past” covers how to find and unravel those beliefs so that we can be happy and create more of what we want NOW! You can order it at:

Here is the link for the radio show:

I hope you’ll tell all of your friends. Call and join in with your questions. The call in number is (347) 826-7680.

Past shows are archived so you can listen on your computer later if you miss it live.

Wishing you a peaceful past, a happy now, and an amazing future!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The "Present Present"

So many amazing people from all around the world attended the Miracles Weekend in San Diego I wanted to tell those of you who are interested all about it.

My presentation, “Accepting Miracles” was the very last one before the final Key Note by Joe Vitale. It was a fabulous experience – something we all created together with our love and enthusiasm.

Good news! They filmed it an I’ll get a copy of my part to share with you. I’ll keep you posted.

Then I got busy getting ready for the BREAKOUT Weekend here in Palm Springs, info/register:

It begins on Friday night. There is still room and I would love to see you here!

Thanks to Jarad James here’s a complete report! And best of all it’s a “present present” – just click the link and you’ll see what he means.

To Your Happiness and Many Miracles!


Friday, October 10, 2008

From Economic Fear to Happiness

You may have heard me say, “Be happy and do what you want.” But what if you’re not happy? What if you’re really scared?

The level of economic fear and worry I hear reminds me of one of my very first clients.

Robert was out of work. And he was scared. Walking into a job interview paralyzed him with dread. He began to stammer and sweat his way through the few interviews he forced himself to go. They ended abruptly, putting him out of his misery but leaving him out of a job.

Robert also felt deeply ashamed – of his lack of employment and of his fear.

We sat across from each other at a battered old drop leaf table in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. As a young single parent I had financial issues of my own, but that wasn’t the point. My job is to find the beliefs that fuel those painful emotions, keep them in place and block happiness and success.

I began to ask Robert questions about his fear. He was afraid he wouldn’t find work, his wife would get tired of him, that she would eventually leave him.
We followed his fear to see where it led – into those dark corners where it’s hard to look.

Robert was afraid he’d end up homeless and alone. When I asked what scared him about that he looked at me like I was crazy.

“Could you still be happy?” I asked. I admit, it took all my nerve to get the question out. It sounded outrageous, even to me.

During the long, long silence that followed, I barely resisted the temptation to butt in with soothing words or a positive thought.

Then Robert exploded out of his chair with a yell, “Yes! I could!” He danced around my living room shouting gleefully, “It could be a relief! I could be happy! I could be happy! I could think, Oh boy! We’re having pea soup at the shelter tonight!”

The next week Robert got a job. And his wife had never even thought about leaving him.

It’s still seems outrageous to ask someone (or myself) what about being homeless, or alone, or even dying frightens them. There is freedom in the answers to those questions though. In that freedom we breathe deeply again and focus on what we want. We give ourselves the best chance to move toward our heart’s desire or attract it to us.

Wishing you freedom from every fear and happy solutions to every challenge!


To share your thoughts click "comments" below. We love to hear them.
Details/Register for the BREAKOUT Weekend at

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miracle Lillies

The UPS guy handed over the tell-tale long box. The temperature hovered at 107 in the late afternoon. The box felt warm, very warm.

When I opened it, steam came out! Oh, no. Inside, a huge bunch of long stemmed lillies, just in the bud was actually hot!

What a shame, I thought. They’ll never make it.

I hurried to clip the stems and put them in water, though I was sure they were lilly toast.

I read the note. The lillies were from the Miracles Coaches to thank me for a recent training with them in Texas on how to clear limiting beliefs.

Look what happened! Miracles abound!

May all of your budding ideas, hopes and dreams open in splendor!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mystery of Attraction -- Magic and Miracles

I met them in Michigan in the summer of 1960.

I was a 19 year old from a small town in Maryland, completely on my own for the first time as an apprentice at The Ledges Playhouse in Grand Ledge.

The producer, Bill Slout; his lovely wife and talented leading lady, Marte Boyle and the handsome writer/actor, multi-talented leading man, Harry Cauley lived in New York. So did my fellow apprentice and life-long friend 17 year old actor/director-in-the making, Bob Burgos.

The memory of that first summer in Grand Ledge (I spent 2 there) is bright and vivid. For the first time I felt wanted, connected, a vital part of something I loved.

I gave up my short life in the theater a few years later and never thought much about those early dreams again.

From Michigan, New York and Maryland, all of us ended up in Southern California within 2 hours from each other.

Last night we gathered with a whole bunch of other people for Bill and Marte’s 50th wedding anniversary. What a time!

For us to be hugging, laughing, teasing, reminiscing again seems almost miraculous. What sweet mystery attracted us to each other in the first place and brought all 5 of us together again on a soft end-of-summer evening 48 years later?

For a long time I’ve known I was going to join Joe Vitale and a group of exciting teachers next week in the San Diego Miracles Weekend,

I knew they are going to video it and make a movie.

But not until I headed West to meet my old show business friends did it dawn on me – I’m going to be in a movie!

The Law of Attraction? Karma? Dreams coming true? Whatever it is, I love it!

May all of your special connections thrive and be blessed, cherished and nurtured! And how about an old dream coming true, like magic and miracles?!


PS -- Comments welcome! Click "comments" below to add yours.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Keep Learning!

Every single person I know who is unhappy and stuck balks at learning. They may resist a life-lesson that stares them in the face. Or they might cling to the status quo and fight every inevitable change.

Every single successful, happy person I know loves to learn.

Keep Learning!

On Saturday I trained Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaches team in my way to find and clear beliefs that keep each and every one of us in a small box of our own making. Those beliefs separate us from the abundant opportunities and resources available to us all.

With this is extraordinary group of dedicated, experienced and caring people, my concern was that nobody would admit to having anything to work on.

Guess what? They had plenty of stuff – painful, bewildering, confusing stuff. That’s because they are human. What sets them apart and contributes to their remarkable success with clients is that they keep learning and learning and learning.

On Friday night I had dinner with Joe and his beloved Nerissa. A major factor in Mr. Attractor Factor’s ability to accomplish more than most people ever even dream about in a lifetime (or 10 lifetimes!) is his insatiable thirst for knowledge. As fast as he learns something wonderful, he finds a way to share it.

I learned so much over Thai lettuce wraps! An amazing idea to improve the BREAKOUT Weekend, new ways to communicate old ideas, websites to visit and a killer title for an article.

In search of a summer learning adventure I took a 4 day Qigong course in San Diego. At 67 I did wonder if I’d be the oldest, stiffest, chubbiest, least experienced person there – I wasn’t! Though it was a challenge, I completed every single exercise and form all the way through including the one that lasted 2 hours. I loved it. My body, mind and spirit learned a lot.

Richard is 67, like me. Though he has a lot of physical problems, he’s happier than he has been in years. He is learning how to read – fast! We work together twice a week . Teaching adults how to read thrills me beyond description.

If you’d like to learn something that will enhance and enrich your life forever, come to the October 24-26 BREAKOUT Weekend in Palm Springs:

Or the Miracles Weekend with Joe Vitale and a group of his favorite teachers (including me) in San Diego, September 26-28:

Or be wild! Come to them both.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coaching the Coaches

Austin, Texas, here I come. I’m flying out tomorrow to work with the Miracles Coaches team.

Joe Vitale (author of “The Attractor Factor” who is featured in “The Secret”) put the program together to share the insights, principles and life-skills that contribute to the amazing success he has achieved. Now people can learn in a few weeks what it took him a lifetime to master.

The feedback on the program rocks. I can’t wait to spend time with this group of seasoned, inspired and dedicated life-coaches doing what I love best. Teaching people how to uncover hidden limiting beliefs that block success and happiness and break free from them still thrills me after all these years. With this knowledgeable group it will be one advanced class for sure!

Life delivers amazing opportunities. Sometimes it only takes clearing away one or two beliefs to see them. Here are two quizzes you can take to break out from some of you own limiting beliefs:

To share you thoughts click the word “comments” below. It’s always great to hear from you.

To your happiness and success!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor

Here in the US on the first Monday in September we celebrate with a tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country.

After a hundred years of observance there is still a lot of doubt about how it all started. One thing seems sure – it’s a great idea for a holiday.

It also points up a topic of confusion and controversy I hear a lot about – The Law of Attraction VS that stuff about reaping and sowing.

I get emails every day expressing anger, fear, frustration. People say that they’ve seen “The Secret” 12 times and read “The Attractor Factor” 3 times. They’ve said their affirmation for attracting wealth 10 times a day and nothing has shown up but their credit card bill.

I’ve seen “The Secret” too. I even wrote a segment in the “Attractor Factor.” I cannot find the part about not doing anything. Or the part about cultivating fear, resentment and anger.

You have to take action! You can’t just lie there. You’ll get bed sores.

The question that takes some delving into, some work to get clear about is: What kind of action?

Happy action! Action that is likely to lead to what you want – not away from it.

In addition to the barbeques, beer, movies and such, for a wonderful holiday weekend:

Celebrate the fruits of your labor. It took a lot of work just to survive as a human being on planet earth. Take a rest from struggle of all kinds (you won’t forget how in one weekend) and give yourself a true holiday.

Be grateful for the labor of all the people through the generations that have given us so much.

Be happy now! Even before you fix all of the things you would like to change in yourself, your relationships and our world.

Wherever you are on this glorious planet earth, have a blessed and beautiful weekend!

Here are some resources to help you to be happier, take inspired action and attract miracles.

“Emotional Options” provides a step by step method to identify and clear beliefs that block happiness and success. Order at

“Travelling Free” focuses on how we form beliefs you form during difficult and painful times. They shape our lives in ways we don’t understand. This book tells you how to free yourself from those beliefs. Order at

The Miracles Weekend.
Joe Vitale has gathered a group of teachers and experts to help him deliver an extraordinary experience in San Diego, September 26-28. This is a rare opportunity to work with Joe live and in person. I’m proud to be one of the teachers. I’ll present a 90 minute talk on “Accepting the Current Miracle.” I hope to see you there. Check it out at

The BREAKOUT Weekend in Palm Springs, October 24 - 26.
This is such an incredible opportunity to work with 24 like minded people to find and eliminate the individual, unique limiting beliefs that block your happiness and your success. The result is happiness, success and miracles! This course combines the very best of everything I’ve learned and taught in 35 years in the clearest, most empowering way possible. If you can possibly do it – be there!

Share your thoughts, questions and insights with us. Click on the word “comments” at the end of a blog entry.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Invest in Yourself

When the prosperity arrows glow red and point down where do you invest your resources?

In your self! There is only one dear, precious you.

Here are my tips for investments in “down times” on any budget.


Time: Every moment spent in happiness is well spent. Happiness is free. It’s the ultimate reward and end goal of fulfilled desires anyway.

Effort: Use it on worthy goals. Worthy to you that is. It could be a clean closet or a cure for cancer. What is worth some elbow grease, some brain-challenge for you to be able to say “I did it!”

Pleasure: Highly underrated, often judged. When I came out of a theater the other night, the sky blazed as the sun sank behind Mount San Jacinto. People stood in the parking lot gazing at the soul-stirring beauty. Ahhh. We felt a sweet connection that is so often missing in the illusion that we are separate and alone here on planet earth.

So often we put pleasure at the end of a never-ending to do list. Reverse the order! It’s like having a no-calorie dessert first.

Relationships: Take some time to nurture those relationships that sustain you and enhance your life.

Is there a thank-you note you might write to someone who contributes to your well-being? An over-due love letter to a parent, child, spouse or friend? A call to encourage a loved one who is struggling?

Education and Enlightenment: Learn! Read. Take seminars like the BREAKOUT Weekend in Palm Springs (info at Master a new skill. Put yourself in a new environment; it may be just around the corner or across town. Give yourself a brand-new experience.

Eyes on the Prize: If you know what you want move toward it. You may have to go over, around or find a new way but keep your eyes on the prize until you get what you want or think of something just as wonderful or even better.

Investments to Avoid...

Time and energy spent in fear, guilt, anger, resentment, blame or regret.
Commiserating with friends, co-workers and family about how awful it all is.
Following a path that leads away from what you want.

Wishing you happy returns on all of your investments.

It's always great to see your thoughts and comments. Click the "comments" link below to post them.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heading Towards What You Want?

Are you moving toward what you want or attracting it to you?

Or are you trudging wearily, dutifully, maybe even resentfully, in the opposite direction?

I've been looking at this with people all week. Here are a few examples:

A programmer uses every ounce of his energy grappling with problem he doesn't like solving while dealing with personalities who are not a match for his.

He longs to work in nature and spend his days outdoors. A young man dreams of a work environment filled with inspiring, challenging cohorts. He spends 10 hours a day trying to convince an old-fashioned boss of his vision on a project this boss controls.

Then there is me. During a recent visit I hit an awful impasse, a terrible snarl of non-functioning communication with someone I adore who is really important to me. We hit reached sorry stalemate. When we parted the best we could come up with is "I love you," neither one of us knowing where to go from there.

Sometimes if you want to change your life, attract a new adventure, see what it's like to have a new job, a new relationship you have to turn and take a step in a new direction.

Daring to reach for something you never stretched a hand out to before takes courage. Getting something you never thought you could have feels like a miracle. Maybe that's what a miracle is.

Before you take a "These Boots Are Made for Walking" approach though, sort out the beliefs and feelings that create that unworkable situation you want to break out from.

What worked for me and my coaching students might help you too.

We dispelled fears of bad credit, disapproval, uncertainty, loss of love and a host of limiting, self-defeating beliefs.

We moved beyond blame or guilt to take responsibility for our own emotions and our own lives. Each of us dared to be happy or at least arrive at a state of peace with the way things are now.

It's easy to settle for second best, but it's hard to get enough. So we sharpened our focus on what we really want.

Now we're ready for miracles!

Like these:
  • Selling a million dollars worth of mansions in transactions that work well for everyone involved.

  • A job as a park ranger and finding a nature loving a soul mate.

  • Walking away from a dead-end low paying job to take one of several promising opportunities that may lead to the work experience of a lifetime.

  • Communicating in a new, productive, loving way.

  • Always being well accompanied and cherished throughout this lifetime.
What miracles would you like to gear up for?

The BREAKOUT Weekend, October 24-26 is another opportunity to join 24 like minded seekers of freedom from beliefs that block happiness and success. I hope you'll join us in charming PalmSprings, CA. Information/registration .

Let's break out to miracles!

To Your Happiness! Success! And Miracles!


Author of "Emotional Options" and "Travelling Free: How to Recover From the Past by Changing Your Beliefs." Originator of the BREAKOUT seminar. You may share this content if you include the source and website, PO Box 4517, Palm Springs, CA 92263

Monday, July 14, 2008

Accept Miracles

Some people accept miracles. Other people except them -- as in exclude. Please forgive the pun! I couldn’t help myself.

In my work I come across people who ignore miracles and deflect miracles. They often struggle mightily with fear, anger, envy and resentment within a belief system that blocks happiness, success and miracles.

Of all of the things that could happen, the existence of life, love, and happiness seem like miracles beyond all imagining to me. That this trio is bestowed on every single one of us as long as we draw breath seems like a miracle beyond the beyond!

I will present a segment on “Accepting Miracles” at the September “Attracting Miracles” Weekend in San Diego.

October brings another opportunity in Palm Springs at the “BREAKOUT Weekend” where we’ll be clearing beliefs that block success, happiness and the acceptance of miracles.

I search for ways to convey these concepts. I woke up today pondering how to talk about accepting miracles in a truly useful way at these upcoming events.

An email from Douglas Wilson, director of the Rowe Conference Center in Massachusetts arrived with the answer.

"Statistically, the probability of any one of us being here is so small that you'd think the mere fact of existing would keep us all in a contented dazzlement of surprise." --Lewis Thomas, The Lives Of A Cell.

The amazing thing is that even in a state of contented dazzlement of surprise we still want to create new adventures! We still want to attract greater prosperity, be more successful, share more love.

What would you attract or create in a state of contented surprise?

To find out about the Miracles Weekend

For the BREAKOUT Weekend

The Rowe Conference Center

Wishing you an great abundance of miracles! Hope to see you in Palm Springs or San Diego to accept some miracles together.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Personal Declaration of Independence

Freedom from limiting, self-defeating, or
life-extinguishing beliefs is the greatest
independence we can gain.

We follow faulty conclusions, misconceptions
and misperceptions every day of our lives ...
until we become aware of them.

Once we discover what they are we can challenge
them and eliminate them.

It is so very hard to create peace, love and prosperity
through the bars of a belief system that says:
You Cannot!
You Better Not!
It will only make things worse if you try!
You'll get hurt again!
It will be really bad this time!
Be angry!
Feel guilty!
Hold on to that fear!
Don't you dare reach for that!

I know. I've heard all of them and believed most of them.

I am fortunate to have spent most of my life helping people
to break out from beliefs that hold them back. My work
helps me to recognise and eliminate a lot of my own.

I still find them all the time on an infinite journey
to truth and clarity. The trip is so exciting though,
I wouldn't want it to end.

It is a blessing to travel a way with each of you.

In the USA we will celebrate our Independence as a country
this week. It's a fine time to reflect on your personal state of
independence in whatever part of the world your are.

There's an independence story about a bonfire, an angel
(a real one!) and a night that changed my life forever.

It's been reprinted, added to; it grew and grew until it
got too long to send out like this.
You can read it at

To your freedom, happiness and success!



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kindness Multiplies

Chris, the manager of the Orphan Pet Oasis, holds up a check for $500 and one of their small residents.

The generous man who asked for prayers for his beloved dog, Danny, sent it with thanks to all of you who responded with loving thoughts, prayers and kind emails. I delivered it yesterday.

The money will help the Orphan Pet Oasis, a no kill center in North Palm Springs, CA care for abandoned pets.

Friday, June 20, 2008

1 Second BREAKOUT!

Keep an ear out for beliefs, like a piano tuner listens for the clunker key.

Not any old beliefs. Beliefs that hold people back. Beliefs that cause fear or guilt.

At Pat Obryan’s product marketing seminar in San Antonio, during my visit to Texas, Joe Vitale, made a cameo appearance. I thought I was just tagging along, but it turned out I was making one too.

Pat turned to me, camera rolling.

He said “Tell us about Mandy Evans and why Joe loves you so much.”

Oh my goodness! There I am, up against the wall!

I told them a little about my work.

Tara Reed, who had come to market one idea told me she found an even better one there.

Then she added, with some extra emphasis, “Of course I would never compete with my coach.”

My inner belief bell rang, loudly. My coaching students soar to heights far beyond my modest accomplishments all the time. The coaches often charge more money; the writers sell more books. I love it. "Why not?" I asked. It took about a second.

Tara talked about loyalty and ethics but I could feel her limiting belief that she had to be less than her advisor losing its hold on her. The question gained traction.

Tara e-mailed that after talking with her mentor, she's is moving ahead with her project – full steam ahead instead of with one foot on the break.

She said “Thank you so much -- I love having a group of wonderful people like you cheering me on! I'm cheering you on as well -- I just joined your list to keep me on the straight and narrow and out of the 'muck & mire' of self-doubt!”

If you have come to a conclusion, like it’s bad to do better than your teacher, friend, mother or father, sometimes it just takes a 1 second question to break out from a belief prison that kept you in custody for years. If you listen, you can hear them all around.

After our 1 second breakout, we all went to lunch along the beautiful River Walk. Joe took a photo of me. I really like this one I took of him.

Belief Relief Quizzes:

BREAKOUT in Palm Springs info: Just a blog below!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BREAKOUT in Palm Springs!

Just beyond the limits of your own belief system you will find infinite opportunities. This chance to break out with Mandy Evans is one of them.

BREAKOUT Weekend, in Palm Springs, CA
Dates: Friday, 10/24 at 7 PM to Sunday, 10/26 at 1:00 PM
Tuition: $477 Info: 760-328-0858
Location: The Shiloh Inn. Hotel and meals are extra. Details below

Limited to 24 Participants. Register now if you want to come.


  • Coaches, counselors and teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Healing professionals
  • People setting out in a new direction in life
  • Students of personal and/or spiritual growth
  • Artists, writers, performers and other creative people

  • Identify key issues and areas of your life to break out from and break into.
  • Learn 2 full-proof clues that you are operating from a limiting belief.
  • Use a step-by-step method to clear the beliefs you hold that block success & happiness.
  • Tap into your most powerful motivation - without struggle or stress.
  • An intentional group of like minded people can create amazing new realities!
Using journalling, dialogues, insights and workshop-tested exercises we will learn how to change fixed ideas about your lot in life, the law of attraction, what you can experience, how you must feel, and the nature of our world.

When you open doors you may not have known you closed you can walk through to new adventures and realities.
Break out to miracles!


Joe Vitale, author of "The Attractor Factor" says,"Mandy Evans is the original Miracle Coach. She helps me get clear so I get results"

According to John Gray, author of "Men Are from Mars,Women Are From Venus," "Mandy Evans' work with beliefs systems is strong and clear ... empowering."

The author of "Emotional Options" and "Travelling Free" and contributor to "The Key" & "The Attractor Factor" draws on over 30 years of experience as an internationally recognized speaker, coach, seminar leader and expert on how to clear limiting and self-defeating beliefs.

People who work with Mandy often find themselves choosing, reaching for and attracting things they never even dreamed about before.

"The BREAKOUT weekend was life changing for me personally and professionally. If something is not working in your life you can be sure somewhere behind it is a self-defeating belief. Wouldn't you like to know what that belief is? Happiness IS only a thought away."--Dr. Robert Edelburg, Chiropractor

"Sometimes just learning more information is not enough. Inspired and 'breakout' determined, I have now completed a huge project avoided for 10 years! Also, by taking the necessary steps to action and believing in my core of joy, I am now publishing an online newsletter called "Inner Light," to guide and inspire others."--Laura Silva, M.A., LicMHC

"Mandy's workshops have helped me go for it in every area of my life. I now embrace life fully, and look forward to each new adventure." --Sonia Gunderson is living with the Inuit in Alaska; how's that for adventure?

"The most genuine workshop leader that I have met or worked with. This is not psychological smoke and mirrors. It's practical, useful and needed." --Paige Cooper

"Mandy's gentle, powerful presence awakens people's inner fire, clarity and truth. I know from personal experience." --Steven Schatz, MA, LMHC

Our spacious meeting room in the Shiloh Inn opens directly into a large inner courtyard for writing outside and picnics by the pool. They have given us a discounted rate of $139 per night, single or double, including free shuttle service from the Palm Springs airport.

For reservations contact Ashley Evans, Director of Sales at 760-320-7676 or Tell her it’s for the Mandy Evans seminar. She is expecting to hear from you and is very helpful.

Nestled at the foot of a 10,000 plus foot mountain, two hours from San Diego or LA, Palm Springs has the highest name recognition of any small town in the world! Come early and stay late. The Shiloh Inn will extend your discount rate for extra days. October is an ideal time to visit. Hike in stunning Joshua Tree National Park and the Indian Canyons. Take the tram to the top of Mount Jacinto. Visit the Casino, stroll through the village, play a little golf.

Let's BREAK OUT to Miracles!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Best Thing About Abundance

What’s the most fun thing about having a lot of money? Giving it away!

The same goes for love, generosity of spirit, kindness, blessings, whatever you’ve got to give!
Examples of this happy theory have filled my life in the last few days.

I just got back from a wonderful visit with the now famous, Joe Vitale in Wimberley, Texas. You can see a snippet on, scroll down a bit.

I admit I wondered what my old friend would be with all that success, all those fancy cars and yes, all that money!

It was fun seeing the stuff he writes about with such glee and pride – cheering us on to our own prosperity as well.

But the most fun of all was watching Joe light a fire of encouragement in every single person we came across. Like the smile on the lunch server’s face when she realized her tip was larger than the bill. The old guy (probably my age :-)) with the self-published novel at a booth we strolled by at the local Market Days. Joe not only offered encouragement, he bought a copy.

Then there was dinner at the Cedar Grove Steakhouse. But the best part? The owners, Bruce and Holly Collie are just learning the business. So Joe took out an ad, an insert coupon in every copy of a local paper. He created it, packed it with marketing magic and paid for it. After our delicious dinner, Holly came out with her 12 – yes 12! beautiful children to sing a song of thanks they had written for Joe. One of the littlest guys, about 5 years old, added his own gleeful, “Thank you little Mister Joe Vitale!” to the end.

I was there for 4 days. It never ended. Most of those people had no idea that Joe is a bestselling author, teacher in “The Secret” video and book, sought after marketing guru.

I left with my suitcase bulging with books and video gifts and a firmer than ever conviction – the best part about having anything is giving some away.

At the airport bookstore, I noticed a big stack of copies of “The Secret.” Isn’t it grand to see someone walk the talk?

Today I opened a message from Kate Nowak that blew me away. You can find it at . Click! Bless! Be Blessed!

So many people doing so many amazing things. I love to hear about yours. What will we think of next?

Love and Blessings,

Monday, May 19, 2008

Take the Money -- Or Not

I received as much response from the email about prayers for healing Danny the Dog as anything I have ever sent out. All but one person said I should take the $200 Danny's owner sent me.

I was touched by those caring emails. And I understand what they said about accepting gifts in the spirit they were offered, gratitude, not offending the giver, not blocking the flow.

But I just couldn't do it. I returned it with my thanks and suggested he might donate it to an animal shelter or animal related charity.

Danny's owner not only understood the spirit in which I declined, he thanked us for our kindness and said he's be glad to donate $500!!

I thank you for your kindness and sharing your thoughts with me and each other. There's a saying, "The essence of communication is intent." With what generous intent we all communicated!

To Your Health and Happiness -- and Danny's!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do This Instead of Giving Up

Since Joe Vitale’s bestseller, “The Attractor Factor” lists me under “Healers, Counselors and Mentors” I get some pretty unusual emails.

A man sent a request for a healing prayer and asked about my services. I told him I was not any kind of expert in that area but I’d be glad to offer a personal prayer for his healing.

He wrote back. The healing was for his dog, Danny, who has a kidney problem.

I sat quietly for a moment sending loving and healing thoughts to Danny and asking for his healing.

This caring pet owner emailed that he was sending a check for $200.

I quickly typed “No! No! Please don’t send it!” and clicked “send.”

The check arrived yesterday with a thoughtful note. He acknowledged my no-check-request, but said he wanted me to have it.

What a lovely predicament. What to say when I send the check back without being ungracious? Maybe I’m just being stubborn and short-sighted, but I really can’t see myself accepting money for praying.

It got me thinking about requests, prayers, gratitude, generosity, kindness and good stuff like that. How when you run out of ideas and actions, you can always meditate and pray instead of giving up in anger or despair.

Maybe you would like to offer a prayer for Danny too. He has such a generous and loving human friend, I’d like to help.

Seems like a step in a good direction – sharing our caring, concern, prayers and kindness. Ah, what a world it could be.

Sending love and healing thoughts your way,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Creating in the Empty Space

To lift your spirits and boost your creativity sometimes you have to clear out some clutter, let go of worn out routines and give yourself space to breathe free. 20 minutes of meditation may do it for you or a nice nap. I took 9 glorious months!

Last summer I sent out a message, “Dare to Face the Empty Place,” ( So many of you wrote back – far more than usual. You confirmed my suspicion that a lot of us get so cluttered up in our lives sometimes that we get lost in the tangles.

There’s not a lot of support for the empty place -- no game plan, no goals! -- so I thought I’d encourage you with some of my sweet adventures from the empty place.

For 9 months, no career building, no seeking new coaching clients, scheduling workshops. I turned away work I love! That left only a few previously scheduled events with NO plans for more.

I’ve had a wonderful time. I made a bunch of money in the stock market, hung out with old and new friends. I read for sheer pleasure, swam, spent precious time with my son and his girlfriend, Sheri.

Here are my son Barnaby and me at a happy reunion with two actors from a summer theater I worked at in 1960!

We gathered at my little cabin in the mountains for my 67th birthday week. In the first photo From left to right: My dear Barnaby. Then Harry Cauley (actor/writer/director/author of the fabulous novel, "Millersburg." Then Bob Burgos actor/writer/director with a hit play running in L.A. now.

When we met Bob was 17, Harry was 28, I was 19 and Barnaby had not even been thought of yet. Amazing we all turned out just fine, given some of our adventures between then and now.

I tackled some health problems. Like 12 years of bursitis in my left hip. After an MRI, 12 weeks of physical therapy many well wishes and the healing power of Robert (Dr. Buzz) Edelburg, it healed.

Dr. Buzz took the last "BREAKOUT Weekend" in Palm Springs. He loved it. We combined his vast knowledge with what he just learned in the workshop to uncover the limiting beliefs that had blocked healing. There were plenty of them too! Amazing how hard it is to find and challenge them all by yourself. More about this to come!

Barnaby is starting a new adventure too; his new company, aims be the go-to site for everything about food. Getting hungry? Check it out!

What else filled up all that space? Bubbling over enthusiasm and then, oops I did it again! I scheduled a BREAKOUT Weekend for Palm Springs in October.

Details will go out in June. Enrollment is limited. For an early notification and advance registration opportunity let me know and I’ll put you on the list.

Plans and goals are fine and fun. But when in doubt about what to do, where to go – check out the empty place. Fill it with love and life!

To Your Spacious Success and Happiness!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Struggling Like a Crazy Goose

That crazy goose is back. He arrives with his mate every year about this time. When all of the geese who visit our man-made pond have flown off to cooler climates for nesting and mating, this duo swoops in.

She builds a nest by a bench in a rose garden and lays her eggs. He defends their territory. He hisses at the gardeners, charges at anyone who wonders near. He wages war on the ducks and drowns every fuzzy little duckling that paddles near his end of the pond.

What does all that hissing, charging and drowning ducklings get him? Nothing! As our desert temperature rises, then soars, the eggs don't hatch. They cook.

It's easy for us to see how crazy-hopeless their efforts are, but they obviously do not get it.

Everyone I know struggles like a crazy goose in some way. We have little chance of catching on by ourselves. That's because our belief systems, comprising our personal un-examined versions of reality, dictate our behavior and our choices. You are not likely to stumble on these beliefs as you wander through life. You have to know how to look for them and what to do when you find them.

For example: a man I worked with recently summoned the courage to tell me that he felt lonely and lost after a divorce. He had never in his adult life told anyone how he felt when he was hurt, sad or lonely. Resolving his beliefs and fears around that issue in an open way set him firmly on a new path to adventures in human connection. He knows he has a lot to learn and looks forward to it.

Here's personal example. If you've been reading these messages for a while you know I have struggled for years with health issues and physical pain. It was a personal breakout to share that with all of you. Your response has been amazingly kind and helpful. Thank you.

I found a great crazy-goose pattern! For years, I focused on how to endure limitations, and pain rather than how to cure my body. Who knew?! I got really good at it too, but the mastery didn't provide any rewards to write home about.

With a new goal of feeling good and being really healthy, I'm getting help and already making progress. A big bonus is working with someone special on how to teach this to other people. More about that soon.

Is there something in your life you do over and over like a crazy goose? If you can pinpoint one, celebrate. Now you can look for solutions to help you thrive and flourish.

Start with what you want instead of the way it is now.

Do not let other people, X-Rays, your bank statement or anything else stop you from the amazing grace of experiencing that desire! Notice, I said "experiencing that desire" not fulfilling it. I do not know what will happen. I do know experiencing desire is an excellent first step, one that many people forget about or try to avoid.

Then find your limiting beliefs.

Is there any reason you can't have that desire?
Are your reasons/beliefs true?

If you want to create new results, all you have to do is turn, sometimes ever so slightly, and take the next step in a clear new direction.

Cheering you on with love,

PS - Coming soon, new openings for coaching students and at least one more BREAKOUT Weekend in Palm Springs, CA. There is a waitinglist for coaching sessions. If you'd like to be on it let me know. If you are on it, I'll check with you soon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Not Ask for More?

In his haunting song, "Bird on a Wire" Leonard Cohen says,
"and a young man leaning in his darkened door
he called out to me
why not ask for more?"

There are many reasons we do not ask for more. Most, if not all, of those reasons are limiting beliefs, misconceptions about the infinite possibilities available to us all.

Our desires always conform to our beliefs. We will never truly desire something we believe is impossible or something we believe we do not deserve. We will not actively, joyfully open ourselves to welcome something we disapprove of, even unconsciously -- like prosperity, if we equate seeking abundance with greed for example.

To break out from the limits we place on our own desire requires a change in how we perceive ourselves and our universe. For example:

A man who believes he cannot learn to read will focus his desire on how to hide his illiteracy, not on how to learn.

A woman who believes asking for help will make her more vulnerable to attack will never seek support.

An addict who believes he can cannot survive without his substance will not seek freedom from addiction.

Someone who believes greater fortune would make her a bad, greedy person will not be open to great prosperity.

Would you like to have an inner adventure today? Think of something you want. What would you like to welcome into your life this very day?

Now what would be more? What would be beyond your wildest dreams?

Will you dare to ask for it in the privacy of your own being? In most endeavors the first step is the challenge. When you take that step into expanded desire, what does it feel like to "ask for more?"


PS There are free belief quizzes, articles and info about my books at if you want more support for breaking out from limiting beliefs.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mastering the Power of Release

I received an email from Buz McGuire, the director of the Viral Happiness Expansion Initiative. He's launching a e-book and audio CD combo, "Mastering Your Power of Release." I liked what I read so much I contributed a chapter on how to "Make Your Own Declaration of Independence."Check it out! Here's the link:

To your happiness and success!


Friday, February 22, 2008


An email arrived from the UK today by someone who had read “Emotional Options” saying, “ appears the method does not show one how to adopt a new belief” and asking for clarification.
My answer may shock you.

I do not help people to change limiting beliefs, improve their beliefs, replace their beliefs or adopt new beliefs

I help people to BREAK OUT from beliefs that limit them, block success and make them miserable.

Think about it. If you were going to break out of prison would you want to change to a better prison or freedom from bars and constraints?

If you were on the Titanic, would you choose help with the deck chairs or to get the heck off the ship?

I know it takes inward courage to challenge a belief and break out from it, disprove it, render it useless and eliminate it. It breaks up reality as you know it. It’s disorienting and confusing. Our education systems do not reward disorientation and confusion.

Life does! Like this. When sunlight breaks through the clouds -- beyond belief!

When you dare to break out from a belief barrier, you enter a zero belief zone. In that zero belief state, if you can resist the urge to fill it up right away with a better belief, you will find infinite possibilities and greatly expanded creativity.

To your happiness and success in the ZERO BELIEF ZONE!



Monday, February 11, 2008

Love Surprise

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you good wishes for an abundance of love and a reminder – keep your heart open for love surprises. They are all around, but easy to miss if you close your heart and mind to them.

Here are two amazing love surprises that came into my life.

How do you get a grandson? Just teach a seminar about Desire in The Netherlands, of course! During a “Desire Marks the Path seminar in Utrecht two years ago I mentioned that I did not have grandchildren. A lovely woman named Els came up at a break and told me that her son, Siem, did not have any grandmothers. “Hmm...” we said smiling.

Els went home and told Siem, “I think I found a grandmother for you, but there is one problem – she lives in America.” “America?!?” Siem replied with a big grin.

And so we began. Siem drew grandson-pictures for me. I sent him some cards and a grandmotherly birthday present.

This Christmas Els, Siem and his dad, Kees came to visit. My son Barnaby was with his girlfriend’s family and I shared the holiday with my surprise Dutch family. The amazing thing is that from the moment they arrived we felt like family – all 4 of us. Here we are at a favorite Cathedral city Mexican restaurant the night before they left.

By definition, love surprises come when you least expect them. A couple of weeks ago, I spoke to a very large group at the Betty Ford Center’s Alcohol Awareness Hour about “Making Peace with the Past.”

I talked about my father, and writing “Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past.” (order info at ). For the first time, I talked publicly about my childhood.

I told them that when I graduated from highschool, my father came and brought me a watch. I did not see him or hug him or hear him say how proud he was of me. My mother sent him away because he was drunk. I was mad at her and heartbroken for him.

At the end of the program a burly man, about my age, approached me. He said, "That story about when you graduated from highschool, that was for me. That was me, standing outside a chain-link fence with a bottle in my hand watching my child graduate. His eyes filled with tears and mine did too. We hugged each other and held on for a moment. It felt like being held in one big heart that encompassed all time and space to let a father and child share a love surprise about a highschool graduation -- and gratitude for making peace with the past.

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or on your own now, love is all around! Flowers and chocolates are nice to give and receive. Don’t forget to be open to giving a receiving amazing love surprises too -- far beyond anything you thought of.

I hope you will share your thoughts and love surprises here!

With an abundance of love for you,

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome in 2008

When the calendar measure of time marks a new year, thoughts turn to new beginnings. Instead of resolutions, I focus on what I would like to welcome into my life. This year I noticed with some surprise that I wanted a good deal of less along with my more.

I think conscious, clear awareness of what we want to attract to us or move toward -- what we want to fill our bodies, hearts, souls and lives with matters most. That includes an awareness of what we want to avoid. Sort of like a walk down a lovely lane with a desire to avoid mud puddles from a recent rain – unless of course it’s a hot day and squishy mud on bare feet is just what you want.

It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of what we ought to want or ought to avoid. But each of us is one of a precious kind and our unique desire will lead us down a path we make with our own footsteps. Correct your course as new information becomes available. Be willing to learn! Be willing to be happy!

There is power in awareness and in sharing. It makes things grow. It turns thoughts into reality, reality into life-lessons, life-lessons into awareness.

I hope you will share some of your "welcomings" with us! Here are mine.


peace on earth, good will to all
happiness, laughter, love, health, wisdom, good books
smart, funny, kind friends to share good times with who live nearby
creative outlets
healthy ways to be useful and helpful to others
continued prosperity
food, shelter, love for all
physical health and well-being
clearing away false beliefs that limit health, success and happiness
interesting, engaging, enjoyable learning experiences
spiritual growth and enlightenment

less pain, harsh judgement, punishment, war
less starvation, torture, cruelty and hatred in the world
less pain in my body
less fat in my body
less reluctance to ask for help

It’s a start! How about you?