Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Not Ask for More?

In his haunting song, "Bird on a Wire" Leonard Cohen says,
"and a young man leaning in his darkened door
he called out to me
why not ask for more?"

There are many reasons we do not ask for more. Most, if not all, of those reasons are limiting beliefs, misconceptions about the infinite possibilities available to us all.

Our desires always conform to our beliefs. We will never truly desire something we believe is impossible or something we believe we do not deserve. We will not actively, joyfully open ourselves to welcome something we disapprove of, even unconsciously -- like prosperity, if we equate seeking abundance with greed for example.

To break out from the limits we place on our own desire requires a change in how we perceive ourselves and our universe. For example:

A man who believes he cannot learn to read will focus his desire on how to hide his illiteracy, not on how to learn.

A woman who believes asking for help will make her more vulnerable to attack will never seek support.

An addict who believes he can cannot survive without his substance will not seek freedom from addiction.

Someone who believes greater fortune would make her a bad, greedy person will not be open to great prosperity.

Would you like to have an inner adventure today? Think of something you want. What would you like to welcome into your life this very day?

Now what would be more? What would be beyond your wildest dreams?

Will you dare to ask for it in the privacy of your own being? In most endeavors the first step is the challenge. When you take that step into expanded desire, what does it feel like to "ask for more?"


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  1. I recently went for something that was bigger that I would ever have gone for before. I do not know if it is meant to work out or not but have been staying positive and excited about it. Since then I have been hit with some hard tests which make me feel very wobbly about it and many other things in my life.
    I guess some old beliefs are being cleared out of the way?

  2. Thanks Elly. I agree. Sometimes when you expand your vision two things happen. You hit a new bunch of limiting beliefs that have not yet come into play or were not conscious yet. You also run into the natural challenges of climbing a higher mountain.

    Cheering you on with love!


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