Saturday, August 9, 2008

Invest in Yourself

When the prosperity arrows glow red and point down where do you invest your resources?

In your self! There is only one dear, precious you.

Here are my tips for investments in “down times” on any budget.


Time: Every moment spent in happiness is well spent. Happiness is free. It’s the ultimate reward and end goal of fulfilled desires anyway.

Effort: Use it on worthy goals. Worthy to you that is. It could be a clean closet or a cure for cancer. What is worth some elbow grease, some brain-challenge for you to be able to say “I did it!”

Pleasure: Highly underrated, often judged. When I came out of a theater the other night, the sky blazed as the sun sank behind Mount San Jacinto. People stood in the parking lot gazing at the soul-stirring beauty. Ahhh. We felt a sweet connection that is so often missing in the illusion that we are separate and alone here on planet earth.

So often we put pleasure at the end of a never-ending to do list. Reverse the order! It’s like having a no-calorie dessert first.

Relationships: Take some time to nurture those relationships that sustain you and enhance your life.

Is there a thank-you note you might write to someone who contributes to your well-being? An over-due love letter to a parent, child, spouse or friend? A call to encourage a loved one who is struggling?

Education and Enlightenment: Learn! Read. Take seminars like the BREAKOUT Weekend in Palm Springs (info at Master a new skill. Put yourself in a new environment; it may be just around the corner or across town. Give yourself a brand-new experience.

Eyes on the Prize: If you know what you want move toward it. You may have to go over, around or find a new way but keep your eyes on the prize until you get what you want or think of something just as wonderful or even better.

Investments to Avoid...

Time and energy spent in fear, guilt, anger, resentment, blame or regret.
Commiserating with friends, co-workers and family about how awful it all is.
Following a path that leads away from what you want.

Wishing you happy returns on all of your investments.

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  1. Mandy, I picked this post up via a google alert on "invest". I'm a financial advisor, and we give similar counsel. People need to develop a simple, buy-and-hold strategy with index funds, then focus their time and energy on living life. We spend so much time trying to ensure that our future selves will be happy, that we forget to notice the moments that make up the present.

  2. What good news, Brendan.

  3. Yes yes yes!
    Its beautiful to reevaluate what we think we 'need'; to establish what really matters, and I love that this kind of dark financial cloud has such a silver lining. You express it so beautifully.

    I also think this will actually be a time of wonderful business opportunity for some, because so many people will no longer look to buy disposable things with disposable income, but precious things with precious income. They will be looking to 'buy' all those good feelings you list, along with their tangible purchase, so as a personal asset, a joie de vivre and a genuine interest in other people is a double blessing at a time like this.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. Yay Mandy, a milestone!
    I, forgot, I subscribed to the comments on this post so just got a copy of the spammy one that's been deleted.
    How wonderful!
    Its always nice to know when your own blog has reached such a level of authority that newbie marketing chancers consider it worth their time to try and spam it for the backlinks. They do keep an eye out for google ranking, I'm sure. Look at the bother he went to, finding an old post to try and bury the link and hide it.
    Shame he didn't read a few of Mr Vitale's pointers before all that hard work.
    To quote your invader (or more likely the people who have sent this poor fool on a mission, calling it a job) "Let`s take this option together to get rid of nastiness of the life" - so a little part of his fledgling philosophy is on the right track, you think?
    Aww, poor spammer. :-)
    Have a wonderful day!

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