Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Share Your Gratitude

What Are You Grateful For?

As we in the USA approach our day of gratitude, Thanksgiving, I would love to hear from you, wherever on this jewel of a planet you call home. Please share your thoughts; click the word "comments" below

Something happens when you share from your heart that is different from what happens when you keep it to yourself alone. You may increase the power of attraction, the goodwill of acknowledgement, the inspiration of your example, the recognition of our shared humanity. So I hope you will let us know what you are grateful this Thanksgiving.

I always thought it should be spelled great-full – as in “filled with awareness of greatness” – the awareness of the greatness of the beauty, abundance, love, joy--the magnificence of being alive on planet earth on the 3rd Thursday in November, 2008.

I am grateful for the love, challenge and many lessons of being my son, Barnaby’s mother – with all I have yet to learn. And to Sheri who loves him so well For my dear Dutch grandson, Siem

I am “great-full” for friendships old and new – like Catherine Rush, Debra Lux, Gary Dorothy, Kerry and Joe Lemier, Buzz Edelberg, Harry Cauley, Bob Burgos, Susan Stafford, Jeffrey Pease, Joe Vitale, Michael Neill, Jeffrey Pease, Abe Zimmerman, Douglas Wilson and Prue Berry, Rae Bales, Kate Nowak, Martin Parks, Sheila Bradley and so many others who have filled my life with love and lessons.

I am filled with gratitude to my reading student, Richard, for his inspiration and for giving me, twice a week, a time when I know without a doubt, that I’m doing something good.

I’m filled with gratitude for the abundance and beauty in which I live.

There is more, always more. What are some of yours?

If you share your blessing and gratitude who knows whose heart you will touch. Who you will inspire?

May your days be filled with gratitude and blessings!



  1. Hi, Caroline from a very cold England here. I am today very grateful for my recovery from alcohol and drugs as it is allowing me to spend time with a close friend who is dying and be present for her- what a gift. I am also grateful for my life, and all the love and compassion and support that has been shown to me on my journey. I am also grateful for this beautiful planet that we call home, and each and every being that resides here.

  2. I am thankfull for every wonderfull day in this beautiful world Jerry

  3. I am thankful for 14 years of abundant living since I was diagnosed with HIV in 1994!

  4. I am so grateful for another year of expansion and growth. Another year older, another year wiser (will I ever be wise?) I love and appreciate my Dan, my love and life-partner and the cozy home we share in southern California. And the realization that there are no limits. There is always room for more.

  5. Hello I just wrote down my list of things that made me grateful, it was quite a list and that made me feel great!
    Today I am grateful for just this day and all the things that passed today. Grateful for Gratitude , Grate for my wife and childeren, Grateful for life itself on this beautiful plate we share.
    Thanks Thanks...

  6. What lovely comments! I'm grateful for each one of them -- and you!


  7. I am truly thankful for my family and friends, especially my mom and husband. They have always been there for me. I am also very thankful for the life I have been blessed to experience, it has definitely been a roller coaster ride and a thrilling one. I am also thankful for the capability to make my own choices in life.

    Thank you Mandy for asking such a wonderful question to allow me to reflect on what I am truly thankful for and blessed to have.


  8. I am grateful that in this wild unpredictable universe that we dance with, run from, make love to and scratch our heads about, that there exists sometimes in full glaring view and sometimes in the faintest flicker, the way, a way, some way, for the most wonderfullest part of ourself to return to itself, know it is there and understand that there is nothing to solve.

  9. Hi Mandy,

    I'm grateful that through the many challenges I've experienced this year, I haven't given up on myself. I'm grateful for the family that I have, my great health and desire to fulfill my goals. I'm also grateful to have had the privilige to have been coached by you.



  10. Even though I missed out on sharing my thoughts prior to Thanksgiving, I thought I would write and say that I'm grateful for every day that I get to live on this beautiful planet. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives and that my heart is open to learning and loving all that surrounds me. I'm grateful for my senses, nature, my home, food to eat, a bed to sleep in, a car to drive, a mind that is active and curious and family and friends that care enough to love me even when on those rare occasions, I fail to smile.

    Much love,

  11. I am so happy and grateful to have an amazing family and group of friends, great job, great business opportunities, to be creative and to be regaining my health more and more each day! I expect and am grateful for perfect health, peace, joy, love, happiness, harmony every day : ) Praise be to God!


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