Friday, April 2, 2010

Your Connection to Miracles

You came into this world with a way to attract what you
want or move toward it. Then your (mostly well-meaning)
parents, teachers, and media experts told you it was bad,
wrong and the cause of all suffering.

If you dare to follow the extraordinary power of desire as
an inner sense of direction you will bring wonders into
your life. Desire is the strongest motivation of all. Your
own heart's desire will lead you to a welcome outcome
more than all the discipline you could ever muster.

Be willing to correct your course as new information
becomes available.

Be happy now, the rest is gravy.

Work on yourself. As the old saying goes "trying to make
someone else change is like trying to teach a pig to sing.
It frustrates you and it makes the pig mad."

Focus, re-focus and focus again on what you want.

Because our limiting beliefs block so many opportunities
it helps to have someone point out other possibilities
among the infinite opportunities that surround us all.
You may choose a mentor, a coach, a friend or be blessed
with a mastermind group like mine to broaden your horizons.

Here is a secret about me that may help you break out to miracles.
My birthday is this Saturday, April 3rd. Do you know what my
strong desire has been for a long time? To get through it without

That's an improvement from early birthdays when I wanted to
get through it without devastating pain. My father was a violent
alcoholic. My mother always said, "I don't have a maternal bone
in my body." Although I had a far easier childhood than many
people I've worked with and some of you who will read this,
it was not conducive to jolly birthday celebrations.

This year another layer of fog parted and I saw it clearly! I had
limited my birthday desire to the avoidance of pain - a narrow
target I sometimes missed.

This year I am celebrating a birthday breakout. I want to have
an amazing, magical birthday full happy surprises beyond my
wildest imagination. I want mark my entry into this realm filled
with love and joy.

Desire has already attracted beautiful cards, Facebook messages,
thoughtful gifts and lunch and dinner dates with beloved friends.

Here's one from Harry Cauley. He was the leading man when I
worked in summer stock in 1960! His card said: "To my dear
friend, you never will be old. For, as you were when first your
eye I eyed, such is your beauty still." Wm. Shakespeare.

Such, my dears, is the power of desire to bring beautiful people,
generosity, grace, happiness, love, prosperity, joyful celebration -
whatever you want to welcome into your life to you.

When I blow out the candles you will be in my birthday wishes.

Desire marks the path.


  1. My hard one is Christmas. All I can say is I hope your birthday was filled with Joy, Mandy.

    I really, really, really, hope so.

  2. My Birthday is next week, and I wish I could pass it without feeling it. I used to dream a lot about my birthadys, and in general about my life, but I stop dreaming. I realize that I was living my life from the fence, and in my coming up 30's I feel just frustrated. I;m still living from the fence, but it hurts more when you are aware of it. Still, I am giving the fight, I am reading your book, I just start it but I hope it would guide me to the next level. Cheers, and by the way.. I am a spanish speaker and I think that your words and work would be very helpful for many people I know, specially my own would be nice to have your books translate.


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