Monday, December 17, 2012

Meaningful Holiday Gifts

If you are looking for meaningful gifts at affordable prices for the holidays, please consider:

"Emotional Options: A Handbook for Happiness"
For information and orders

"Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past by Changing Your Beliefs"
For information and orders

As I recall my life, before and after the insights and awareness these books contain I cannot think of a more precious gifts. I wish everyone in the world could have some help to break out from beliefs that keep them stuck in anger, fear and other painful feelings. I wish everyone could have a chance to be happier and freer to reach for whatever they want in this amazingly abundant universe.

For everyone who has lived through tough times and wounding experiences, I wish support for recovery and beyond – thriving again, or at last.

I've put the very best of everything I have learned in my life's work with limiting, self-defeating beliefs, the power of acceptance, desire as a sense of directions and self authorization into these two books so I can share it with you and you can share it with your dear ones too. They are available in paperback and Kindle editions.

Wishing you the gifts of great happiness and recovery from every painful time for the holidays and always.

With love,

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