Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome in 2013

Welcome to you, dear reader!

What would you like to welcome into your life in 2013? Here are 3 steps you can take to open the door and make it real, right here, right now:

 Become aware of what you want. When you know what you would like to show up in your world, you begin to attract it to you or move toward it. You separate out your desires from the infinite random possibilities of the universe. You enable yourself to focus on what you welcome. You perceive opportunities you would overlook if you were not conscious and clear about what matters to you.

Write it down. When you write something down, it instantly enters the realm of physical reality, a big move forward.

Share it here. In my courses and coaching the (seeming) magic of sharing astounds me. Letting the universe and your fellow beings in on your heart's desires creates a mighty partnership for manifestation. What you focus on grows. Imagine what happens when we focus on what you want!

I hope you will join us in the joy of sharing our heart's desires by posting yours, commenting on ours and sharing this post.

Here is my list.

I Welcome in 2013
  • More peace, prosperity, love, health and happiness for everyone.
  • Less violence, hate, punishment and harsh judgement in the world.
  • Everyone who can benefit from reading my books, "Emotional Options" and "Travelling Free" is able to read them.
  • Clarity about how to be most useful in the most fun ways.
  • Opportunities to be useful in fun ways, especially helping people to break out from limiting beliefs.
  • Good health.
  • Good friends.
  • The continued love and support of my friends and family.
  • Connecting with some new people for mutually beneficial adventures.
  • Some really good books to read.
  • Lots of laughing out loud.
  • Lots of good reviews on Amazon and wherever they will help readers connect.
  • Learning life's lessons in a peaceful, happy and exciting ways.
Repeat! I hope you will join us in the joy of sharing our heart's desires by posting yours, commenting on ours and sharing this post.

Happy New Year!

Cheering you on with love,


  1. Hi Mandy,
    I love what you love to welcome in your life, and I see it as if it is already happened.

    What do I welcome in 2013 from the core of my heart? (if no enough space I will have an attachemnt lol)

    My list:
    - transformation from a glimpse of love to permanent state of love towards humanity and all there is.
    - have a wonderful family reunion.
    - compile all the notes and ideas and prepare a course outline, design a unique and most effective system, finalise my website and serve Ethiopians to improve their skill of communication is English.
    - Provide much better to my family.
    - continue learning, exploring,
    investigating, re-evaluating while enjoying. the mystery, beauty and magic of life.
    - take a holiday to the US.
    - Grow the business I have started with a friend.
    - reconnect with good old friends and connect with new people.
    - More peace and love in the world.
    - Continue seeing my little ones blossom and warm my heart with their love and innocense with my wife and our parents and family members.

    This feels so good.
    Thanks Mandy with lots of love from thousands of miles away

  2. Thanks, Ensermu. I love your list and join you in wanting it all to come into your life. Thanks for reading mine. Love from the other side of those thousands of miles.

  3. Dear Mandy, thank you very much for your desire to share your love with everybody. My main desire for 2013 is to break out from limiting beliefs.I want everybody attract prosperity, joy, favorable conditions, success and happy into life. Happy 2013
    With love,

    1. Cheering you on to break out from limiting beliefs! Thanks for you good wishes. Love, M.


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