Monday, October 29, 2007

Love and Wild Fires

Thanks to everyone who called and emailed to check on me and my little cabin in Cedar Glen. The smoke is clearing in Palm Springs. We can see the mountains again today.

It is amazing what good knowing that you are cared about does.

I think the cabin is OK. It is in between the Lake Arrowhead and the Running Springs fires. The mandatory evacuation order was lifted yesterday though the fires are still burning nearby.

All of my L.A. and San Diego friends are safe and accounted for and we have all reached out to each other with "Are you OK?"calls -- sometimes re-connecting for the first time in years.

My heart goes out to all of those who lost their homes and loved ones. The quote from William wordsworth in the beginning of my book "Travelling Free" come to mind.

"There is comfort in the strength of love

'Twill make a thing endurable, that else

Would overset the brain, or break the heart.

The outpouring of love and care in Southern California gives me hope for human kind and makes me rejoice to live here. May it expand, continue and support all of those who need our care to rebuild from the ashes.


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  1. Hello there Mandy!

    Just to let you know, you're cabin is fine and avoided any damages! The fires were devastating, as you can imagine, and the areas that were hit are pretty badly damaged, not a pretty site to say the least. But mountain folk are strong, they love the area, and they will overcome! We didn't need another one, did we?? I know a lot of people who say they've had it and are going to move out...but those are the scardy cats that don't know how to deal with their fears! I'm taking your advice and being happy that I'm still here and generally unscathed.

    Hope this finds you healthy, happy and well!

    Your favorite mountain Realtor....

    "You Know Who!"


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