Friday, December 31, 2010

What to Do in 2011?

Here it comes, 2011! And how are we going to know what to do?

Advice pours in from ever-expanding sources. Google, Facebook, Twitter and life coaches have joined Fox News, CNN, the print pundits, gurus, clergy, therapists, teachers, spouses, friends and family in a great cacophony of do-this-don’t-do-that’s.

I get a fair amount of requests for such advice myself – a bit more than I can handle sometimes. It keeps me thinking about this:

Each of our lives is so unique, so very precious. No one on this planet has ever walked your path or ever will again. No one but you has learned everything you know or rises to meet the same new challenge you face. What a wonder you are!
I’m reviewing the lessons that enrich my life. They may add strength, love and beauty to yours.

You are the authority on your life. No matter who tells you what, you have to decide what advice to follow, who is wise and who seems foolish to you. There is no escaping it, in the matter of your life, it is up to you!

Desire marks the path. I spent last week with my family. Our newest member, Emery is a small 5 month old bundle of happiness and desire. Watching her bright eyes as she reaches and rolls over for the next delight to crinkle, crunch, bang or chew on reminds me of the simple strength of this inner sense of guidance. It may be all we need to lead us through life, if we only dare to follow it.

My son, Barnaby says I gave him some good advice about my favorite form of desire when he was in high school, “You told me if I follow my intense curiosity, I’ll always be alright.” He’s a happy entrepreneur, founder and CEO of; it seems to work.

Happiness is the ultimate goal. Never hold your happiness hostage to be ransomed for love, money, success or stuff. As supercoach Michael Neill says, “Happiness leads to success a lot more often than success leads to happiness.” You can have your happiness cake and still devour your fill of material gains and mighty triumphs.

As each new year approaches, I write an “I Welcome List” of what I want to bring into my life. This year I’m focusing on who I want to be and how I want to experience the precious days of this miracle – being alive and capable of learning, teaching, loving, laughing and being happy.

Please share your comments, thoughts and knowing what you welcome in 2011 here. I'm pretty sure sharing helps make it real.

Cheering you on with happiness and love,

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  1. I Welcome in 2011
    Ease, grace, happiness. Feeling loving and loved. Whole lot better health and strength. Making a bunch of money in the stock market. Some enthusiasm for writing the next book. Delightful surprises and connections. Some teaching, training, speaking opportunities.
    Most of all, enough food, shelter and love for all!

  2. I welcome in 2011 continued love from those I come into contact with. Paid speaking engagements and successful seminars. Online marketing taking off hugely. More healing and coaching clients. More growth and opportunites to learn. Writing and finishing my first book. Spending more time with Charlie and Julie!!!

  3. In 2011 I welcome life. (oops, let me go unlock my door first, hold on....)
    ... I welcome a smile on my face every morning first thing when I wake up (even if I have to force myself to do so). I welcome singing and dancing to at least one song each day. I welcome 4 hugs a day, or more. I welcome being a better friend and creating a meaningful heart-loving family connection wherever I go. I welcome peace of mind. I welcome chocolate, belly laughter and ideas. Money ideas, fun ideas, brilliant-world-enriching ideas. I welcome different income stream opportunities and I welcome myself to it. No more shy away from abundance. I welcome Mandy and Chuck to Hawaii. I welcome that winner throphey for the World Champ of public speaking 2011.
    I welcome myself and others to a Delicious life!

  4. In 2011 I welcome ease, grace and happiness (forgive me for plagiarising, but they sound irresistable) and more freedom - through inner expansion, more lucrative part time consultancy opportunities and a great leap forward in enjoying making internet marketing a huge new income stream. Also I welcome a return to travel to see family and friends old and new around the world.

  5. Thanks to everyone who shared your "welcomings." I loved reading them.


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