Friday, November 4, 2011

Relationship Challenge

What do you find challenging in relationships -- not just romantic ones, but all kinds, like friendships and people you work with?

For me the hardest one is the choice to say something to someone knowing full well they won't like it and may find it painful, or be a total hypocrite. Usually I can just let it go. I'm not the boss of the universe or anyone but my dear cleaning lady for 3 hours every other week. But sometimes, if you do not speak up you will have to relinquish something you value deeply or put up with something destructive. Give up or risk the lash-back scenario, the loss of a relationship, or having someone set out to destroy your reputation? It is not so easy.

We all face those choices. How do you deal with them?

I've opted to say my piece as kindly as I could in a couple of instances when the choice seemed like doing that or taking a long drink of slow working poison. It was hard, really hard -- the consequences long and drawn out. The result in self-respect and closer connections are worth it.

Connecting with our fellow-beings presents such possibilities for joy and pain. At the first (and probably last) Breakout Coach Training last week, we amazed ourselves with the complexity and power of the barriers we have built between us and our fellow beings. We broke out from many of our privately run prisons of isolation to an outpouring of love and creativity.

What is a relationship challenge for you? How do you deal with it?

Connecting with love,

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  1. Thanks Mandy to remind me that relationship is not only the romantic one. Otherwise I would have talked and talked about me and my other half :-)
    My current biggest challenge which I find it difficult is to stop reflecting someone’s exact state of mind every time I meet with other beings. You know? Smiling back to the smiley ones, get crossed with angry faces; fall in love with the loving ones --- Instead of mirroring pure perception, I know I can be the person that I am when I am in a deep state of joy and peace, always to everyone. Luckily its happening too often these days , so there is hope.

    Just like a rose stays a rose always to everyone, I also want to beam joy and peace to everyone I come in contact with, and that is - whatsoever the mind of what seems to be another - is.
    With utmost respect and love Mandy


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