Saturday, December 31, 2011

Come On In In 2012!

Instead of setting goals or making resolutions as we welcome in the new year, I like to reflect on what I would like to welcome into my life in 1212. The first step to making it real is consciousness. Then sharing. Tthe magic, mysterious unfolding of life reveals the rest.

Here is some of what I welcome:

  • Food, shelter and love for everyone
  • Feeling really good
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Opportunities to share what I've learned
  • Opportunities to share what others have learned
  • Wonderful books to read
  • Good times with friends and family
  • Inspiration for The Connection Breakout Course
  • Peace on earth and in my heart
  • Laughter, lots of laughter
  • A bunch of happy surprises, beyond my wildest dreams

Thank you for reading this. I would love to know your heart's desire for 2012 so I can join in to cheer you on! Just click "Comments" below.

Happy New Year!


  1. I hope for my children, hubby, family and i to have a year of health, happiness and abundance, and for my husband to land his job at an amazing, high salary, and to buy our perfect dream home.

  2. I bless you and all and may we all realize our dreams..

  3. I share in with all of your desires and intentions and add my wishes: In 2012 I wish to be living from LOVE at all times, to find lots of ways to share my love and lots of people who love to receive it and in return share theirs. I wish to experience true fulfillment, wealth and abundance and I call my beloved soul mate to come to me now.
    Many many blessing to our beautiful beloved Earth and all its humanity!

  4. I wish for joy, love,fun and laughter. I wish for fulfilling work and a new home. I wish for a soulmate to share my life. I wish for good times with family and friends and continued good health. Finally I wish that the gorgeous man in the shop that I have had my eye on for ages would give me a big kiss!!! Yummy!!!
    Peace love and happiness to you all.Mary xxxx

  5. I wish to get married in 2012 or at least be a life partner to someone. She knows who she is and maybe you do too! ... (((Many Smiles)))!

  6. My goal for 2012 is to tell a brand new story about my life, a story based on appreciation, gratitude, and kindness toward myself and others. I intend to teach my children to do the same thing and I look forward to seeing how our lives will blossom as a result of a new story that is positive, empowering, and creative.

  7. In 2012 I desire to love & be loved. To appreciate the wonder of this life & to let it be miraculous. I desire to allow myself to step out of the shadows into the light so that I can make my own contribution to expanding light & love. I desire to be creative, to write & to share with others. Lots of laughter, smiles & fun

  8. In this beautiful new year we've just begun, I claim and accept for humanity a new way of life; one that demonstrates awareness that all Life is One Life, and that life which is our life now is God's Life eternally.

  9. I would like to welcomw in my life in 2012, the complete harmony with my body,be in paecefull with all the beautiful sensation and the emotions come from it. I want to achieve the highly feeling in peacefull minding and body sensation. I also would like to increase my self realisation in my spiritual life to be in the maximum of love to give help to anyone cross my way. Lot of love,laughter,sucessfull in my new way of career, financial success, health, relashionship with a man wich i be in the spiritual, body, minding, heart in agreement and full harmony that give me and him a powerfull elevation in our life and around us.


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