Sunday, December 18, 2011

Words Make Something Happen

Emery is 17 months old. She discovered that words make something happen. Can you imagine her delight? More. Wow, that gets you more of something you like. All done gets them to stop giving you food when you don't want any more. Hi makes people smile and say it back. Bye- bye works pretty much the same way, only when people are going away.

Emery works happily all through the day to capture the magical powers! At night she practices as she drifts off to sleep.

You have probably conquered the magical powers long ago. Remembering the magic and the power is the tricky part and the important part.

The same words that convey love or how to build a house can also start a war or break someone's heart. They bring thoughts into reality with their vibration – literally; the spoken word vibrates through the air into our ears where we interpret it. The written word we figure out with our eyes. Amazing!

Emery is my granddaughter. Her gift to me this Christmas is a new awareness that words make something happen. She encourages me to use them well and kindly to make things happen that I want to happen. Like:
  • Thank you for reading this so we can share some thoughts
  • May peace prevail
  • Joy to the world
  • I wish you boundless success and happiness
Got words to share? Make something happen by leaving your comment.


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  1. Many words you have shared with me Mandy have made many things happen. Thanks for sharing these words and opening up my awareness further so that I can effectively make more happen with my words. I love you dearly and wish you the happiest Christmas ever!!

  2. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, Chuck. Happy holidays to you guys. Stay warm up there.

  3. Hi Mandy,
    I have just found you through one of Dr Joe Vitale's books. I live in New Zealand and am slowly finding my way back to "I". The piece that you wrote was Inspiring and I Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do.
    Prosperous Blessings to you and your whanau.
    Merry Christmas to All.

  4. Making something happen every day through her amazing words that empower release and give love to all those around her... the beautiful Mandy Evans

    Enjoy Christmas and the New Year everyone and give the gift of beautiful words for the world to enjoy. Let's all be as we were when we were first discovering the power of language <3
    Bye bye
    The English Sisters xx

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  6. Thank Mandy for reminding me of the power of words and thank you Emery for planting the seeds.

    Your story brought a smile to my face and an opening to my heart. Thank you for this gift.

    I send you much love and a very Merry Christmas.


  7. How beautiful, how sincere you are, dearest Mandy!
    Thank you again for this touching, soul warming message!
    And I will pay it forward, your loving appreciation for your granddaughter's teachings.

    I so much wish to still have that natural innocence and belief of a little child! I could create my miracles right now.
    But the past is in the way now and again and again I visualize what I would dearly love to have, but my own inner power is diminished.
    The magical belief I once had, something I have always treasured especially at Christmas time, gets trashed by my intellectual mind.
    Sigh. . . still more undoing to be done.

    Words of praise and appreciation, of acknowledging people's values, people's beauty and people's love, truly felt from deep with my soul are of great importance.

    I love to shine in unison with my fellows of the humankind.

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  9. Everytime I read your words, I have this overwhelming feeling that makes me cry.....tears that make me love having you in my life. If I could be like one person it would be you.

  10. Dear Ramari, English Sisters, Ingrid, Carolina and Rita,
    Thank you for your beautiful words. May they make miracles happen! Love,


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