Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Be Happy Comments Welcome!

Comments on the "How to Be Happy: Four Easy Ways" video are welcome here!

To watch this short clip and lift your spirits click right here: How to Be Happy: 4 Easy Ways .


  1. Always, always thought provoking! Points me back to the path of why not be happy NOW? Yes, I'll have what she's having!

  2. thank you, Mandy for continuing to nudge us toward our happiness...thanks for this video that is short and sweet with phrases I can remember and examples that are so real.
    You triggered my happy today and I will share it to keep the ripple effect going.

  3. Thank you Mandy. This was very timely. I was just starting down a little lack of money panic attack and this little excerpt helped me slow it down. Still feel a little sad about the struggle, but no longer panicky.


  4. That's great, Mandy!

    I was just wanting to be less angry, because I have been angry for a longish time now. There were many things that happened that were unjust an unacceptable and shockingly nasty. Looking towards how I want to feel wasn't enough, though a good start. I really want something to happen, to change, to be understood, etc. So now I am formulating my desire and feeling so much quieter inside. Lovely. And lovely to see you teaching again, so expressive... One desire, quite a srong one, is to rejoin you again for a course. Preferably a longish course. Soon!

    Karen (from Holland)

  5. Mandy, this turned out great! Got a little reminder of the wonderful experience of being there with you. Really loved this and think it turned out well. Thank you!!

  6. Thanks Debbie, Sandra, Lisa, Karen and Mary. It was a remarkable course. So glad to have the video record.

  7. Many thanks Mandy,

    I must say it is a brilliant video clip that reminds us how easily we can keep our happiness or claim it back if it seems lost somehow. And I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to see the whole video record.

    I will keep looking out for more.

    So grateful to connect with you Mandy

    1. Thanks, Ensermu. I think it's a wonderful connection too.

  8. Always nice to read your blog.
    Different view and an own opinion about things are happening


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