Thursday, August 9, 2012

Grumpy People Need Love Too

 Report from my Experiment in the Judgment Free Zone. 

I sent out a lot of blessings! I had suggested that if we catch ourselves judging ourselves or someone else, we focus instead on what we want or send out a blessing. I was surprised at how often I caught myself. It wasn't so much in words, but a strong reaction inside to something I deemed wrong-ish and bad-ish. It was the same thing each time. Every time someone was cross, rude, or mean to another person, I sort of tensed and felt judgmental.

My friend Viki Markle made this pencil holder for me. She said it was to remind us that grumpy people need love too. It sits on my desk, but sometimes I forget.

I sent a lot of blessings to grumpy people during my Not Judgment Day. It felt so good I'm going to do it more.


  1. It's hard to see someone's faults when you're so busy blessing them that you can't think of them as any way other than perfect, whole and complete just they way they are right now. I had almost forgotten that. Thank you, dear loving friend, for reminding me.

    1. So true, Kate. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. I have been trying to find my way out of my judgmental-ness for a seemingly long time now Mandy, and I'm afraid it's been a tough journey. At the best of times I feel that I'm passing judgement against anyone passing judgment! But finally, I am learning just to choose peace whenever I feel myself in turmoil over these situations. This helps to create enough space for me to remember we are all one and worthy of love.

  3. It is an upstream swim sometimes, Ana. Thanks for swimming together.


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