Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Blessing Bonus

Oh, if holidays would only come with peace on earth, good will to men -- women and children, all living creatures! But no, life goes on with it's full mix of gain and loss, birth and death, no matter what the season.

I, for example, tripped over my own vacuum cleaner 4 months ago. After months of physical therapy for two broken bones, a muscle tear and a sprained ankle that leg was still very weak so I went for an MRI. It was a challenge because a knee replacement with metal in it interfered, making it take much longer that usual. To pass the time in the tube I began to send blessings to everyone I could think of. I started with near and dear, moved on to dead and dear, then out everyone who has touched my life and on to people I'm not so fond of.

You know, it was a really good time that left me keenly aware of the many people I have been blessed to know and how deeply you and they have enriched my life. Sort of a blessing bonus.

I know an MRI isn't big deal, but sending blessings has helped me through some pretty tough times. I recommend it, especially for holidays when it's easy to miss loved ones we've lost, or feel left out, or spend time with someone we don't get along with so well. Give it a whirl, just send out blessings and see what happens.

I wonder what our beautiful world would be like if we all sent each other, friend and foe, blessings from time to time.

Sending many blessings to you and yours for happy holidays filled with love.


PS. The MRI revealed partial tears in two tendons. Relieved to know I'm not just getting weak. Am still gaining strength with exercise, especially in the blessing of a heated pool.

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  1. Mandy, this was a great post to read to start a new week. In my own experience, having health scares of any type has always reminded me to cherish those I hold near and dear, and thanks for the reminder of that! And as a Canadian wintering here, heated pools and the ability to swim in them daily are one of my blessings right now!


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