Friday, December 30, 2016

Improbable Wonders

Stronger than a resolution, much more fun that setting goals! Make a list of what you would like to welcome onto your life in the coming New Year.

Write the title "I Welcome."  Let your imagination soar and see what happens.

Sharing all or part (if there's stuff you want to keep private) of your list gives it a boost and inspires others. I'm doing mine on New Year's Eve and will share it here. I'd love to see yours. Just click  "comments" below and we can all share your visions

Oh, and do not be reasonable.  No need for that!

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Cheering you on to improbable wonders!


  1. May the beginning of 2017 fill your heart with song and your days with beauty and wonder all year round!!

  2. I welcome:
    - A profound, warm, supportive self acceptance,and self-love, no matter what, for myself and all beings.

  3. I welcome enthusiasm and new things to be enthusiastic about.Close friendships with people who are good matches for me and I for them. Expanding consciousness and being present for the highest good. Much less pain. Finding ways to contribute like teaching someone else to read or with kids aging out of foster care. Happy times with Barnaby and my family. Restorative sleep. Peace, love, food, shelter for everyone. Some delightful improbable wonderful surprises for us all.

  4. I welcome fun adventures for myself and happiness for all beings! May our hearts remain peaceful and our thoughts be kind. I welcome new learning and "aha's!" I welcome vitality, beauty and creativity!
    Blessings to you all!


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