Tuesday, December 27, 2022

What You Resist Persists!

Ever hear that saying "What you resist persists"? Here's how it works. 

I knew two sisters, both in their sixties, maybe early seventies, who lived together in Palm Springs. Though one sister had pretty serious memory problems, there was one thing she could still do. She could crochet. And did she ever. She especially liked to make covers for tissue boxes, kind of Kleenex caddies. 

One year she gave me one for Christmas. The trouble with those gifts is that if you want to be kind, you sort of have to display them when your gifting friend visits, whether you like them or not. I said thank you, but I did not truly feel grateful. You can probably tell by now that I am not a big fan of crocheted tissue box covers.

The very next week, my cleaning lady gave me another one. It was crocheted and also bejeweled. And she came to visit every two weeks! I began to feel unfairly badgered by box covers. I remember thinking, "You better get over it before you have three of them!" 

I must not have succeeded with that getting over it because the next week when I went to visit my sister friends, as I was leaving, my forgetful friend stopped me to say, "Wait, I have something for you!" Quick as a wink, I was the resistant owner of three perfectly crocheted tissue box covers. 

Not exactly an earth shattering example, but such a clear one of something that is important. In that mysterious Law of Attraction what you focus on grows. And what you resist truly persists. If there is something in your life you do not like, instead of resisting, resenting, even raging against it, look to see what you would like instead. Focus on that and watch that grow. 

Notice how much time and energy you spend on what you don't want versus how much you expend on what you do want to move toward or attract to you. Watch out what you grow with your focused energy or you may end up with a whole life full of things you don't like.

May you fill your life wonderful experiences and enjoy lots of happy adventures. 


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  1. So true and hilarious! I'm going to keep this visual of the tissue box cover as a reminder to pay attention to my thoughts! Wishing us all more love and laughter in 2023!


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